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Kufuor Meets Bush 10/27/2005
Kufuor Meets Bush

Washington, October 26, 2005, (GHP) - President John A. Kufuor was the guest of President George W. Bush in an unofficial visit to the Oval Office, at the White House in Washington on Wednesday.
In this previously unannounced meeting, the subject of discussion was not made public. There was no press conference, but the two posed in front of the cameras. An official press release was not available at the time of going to press.

Kufuor arrived in Washington in the United States of America, on Monday night, for a six-day official visit to promote trade, investment and tourism in Ghana. The visit marks the launch of the Ghana: Africa’s Golden Gateway trade promotion initiative, developed by The Whitaker Group.

President Kufuor’s programme released by the Ghana Mission in Washington and The Whitaker Group did not include a visit to the white house. This has led to speculation by some US political commentators that, Bush’s invitation was a ploy to take his mind of his mounting problems.

Below is an extract from the New York Times article “Grand Jurors Hear Counsel on Leak Case”

In an apparent effort to draw attention away from the investigation [C.I.A. leak inquiry] - or at least to occupy himself as he and everyone else in the White House endured the torture of another day''s wait - Mr. Bush kept to a busy schedule of meetings and appearances. He met with his ambassador to Iraq, gave a speech on the economy, sat down with the prime minister of Macedonia and invited Ghana''s president in for a quick chat.

Source: GHP

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