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Dutch News
Heart failure could heighten the risk of developing cancer: Dutch research 8/19/2018
Heart failure could heighten the risk of developing cancer: Dutch research

Heart failure heightens the risk of developing cancer, according to a group of doctors in Groningen who have carried out wide-ranging research using both mice and humans. A heart with a damaged pump excretes a substance which can stimulate the growth of tumors, the doctors found. The results of the research are published in the medical journal Circulation. ‘Heart failure upsets the entire system,’ research leader Rudolph de Boer told the NRC. ‘It speeds up biological ageing. Patients can develop problems with their kidneys, liver and often become anaemic. ‘We saw a lot of people in our clinic who were anaemic who were notably dying of cancer. Our hypothesis was that this was due to the damaged heart.

Rabobank says drought is costing Dutch farmers 30% of sales

The weeks-long drought in the Netherlands will cost Dutch farmers about 30% of their normal annual revenues, Wiebe Draijer, CEO of Rabobank,has told broadcaster RTL. ‘Farmers are having a tough time right now and the drought makes things even worse,’ Draijer said. Rabobank traditionally serves the agricultural sector. Rabo is meeting with its farmer-clients to help improve their liquidity. Draijer said the financial problems are not structural and farmers are facing a temporary shortage of cash. Farmers are dependent upon their bank for financial support as the government has said it will not compensate farmers for damage to their harvests. Farm minister Carola Schouten has agreed to extend bridging loans to farmers who have lost crops and cannot wait until the end of the year when EU agricultural subsidies are handed out. ‘The drought has hurt our farmers and market gardeners,’ she said earlier this month. ‘This is a difficult and uncertain time for them.’ Farmers will also be allowed to spread manure on their land up to September 15, two weeks beyond the normal cut-off point, the minister said. Dutch potato growers and potato processing firms are already in talks to determine who is to pay for the problems with this year’s harvest.

Scrapping dividend tax will cost €2bn a year, sources tell the AD

The government’s controversial decision to scrap the tax on dividends will cost the economy €2bn a year rather than the earlier estimate of €1.4bn, the AD reported on Thursday. That means the treasury will have to find a further €600m to balance its 2020 spending plans, sources have told the paper. The government wants to scrap the tax in 18 months time. The move to abolish the tax will only benefit foreign firms and was not included in any of the manifestos of the four parties which form the current coalition government. Prime minister Mark Rutte believes the move may encourage more foreign firms to set up operations in the Netherlands. Opposition parties, however, have claimed that scrapping dividend tax is an economically unproductive measure and that the government bowed to threats from multinational companies such as Shell and Unilever to move their headquarters out of the Netherlands. In March Unilever announced it was closing its joint headquarters in London and basing its operations solely in Rotterdam. 10 Share Share Share Tweet Share

Some 12,000 women apply for maternity pay compensation

Some 12,000 women who had babies while working as freelancers have so far made a claim for compensation for maternity pay, the UWV benefit payments agency said on Tuesday. Women who were self employed between May 2005 and June 2008 are entitled to claim €5,600 for each pregnancy following a court ruling. At that time there was no maternity statutory pay for freelancers but the country’s highest administrative court ruled last year that this conflicted with the UN treaty on women’s rights. This forced the government to set up a compensation scheme. Women have until the end of September to make a claim and the UWV expects some 20,000 to do so.

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