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Dutch News
More forged euros found in the Netherlands 7/20/2014

The number of fake euros in circulation in the Netherlands went up by 24% in the first half of this year, compared with the last six months of 2013. In total, 23,900 fake notes were identified, the Dutch central bank said on Friday.The bank says the increase is notable because the European central bank reports a 6% drop in identified forgeries.Twenty and 50 euro notes are particularly popular with forgers. Most of the fake notes in circulation in the Netherlands are thought to come from Italy and Bulgaria. Despite the increase, there is only a very small chance that consumers will be passed a fake note, the central bank said. © DutchNews.nl - See more at: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/07/more_forged_euros_found_in_the.php#sthash.vtrJD9FY.dpuf

Stress-related absenteeism soars

The number of working days lost because of stress-related illnesses has soared eightfold since 2009, according to research by health and safety group Arboned.
The research is based on the records of 1.1 million workers.
Of the 4.6 million days off recorded by Arboned in the first six months of this year, around 10% were attributable to stress, the organisation said. This means companies have picked up an €800m bill for stress-related absenteeism.
''Arboned pointed out that absenteeism through stress rose in 2013 but the figure has never been as high as the first half of this year,'' company doctor Corne Roelen told news agency ANP.
Education, healthcare, IT and financial services were the most severely affected sectors. Major stress factors include financial worries and the difficulty of combining work and home life, Roelens said.
Arboned is a private company which advises firms on health and safety issues and helps reintegrate sick workers into the workforce.
© DutchNews.nl
- See more at: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/07/stress-related_absenteeism_soa.php#sthash.lLIYGB11.dpuf

Eight military police officers sacked for stealing sweets

Eight military police officers have been dishonourably discharged for stealing sweets from a vending machine at the royal family’s stables where they worked. The Telegraaf says the eight were caught on camera kicking and shaking the machine until it dropped bars of chocolate and rolls of sweets. The investigation was mounted after the owner of the machine complained about missing cash. The mother of one of the officers involved told the Telegraaf her son, who had only just started working at the stables, was told by other officers that ‘everyone plundered’ the machine.He had not managed to get anthing out of the machine but was still sacked, she said. The discharge is ‘unbelievable for someone who had pledged to give his life for his country,’ she said.A spokesman for the military police told the paper there had been an ‘irreparable breach of trust’ because the men had stolen from the building they were supposed to be guarding. © DutchNews.nl - See more at: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/07/eight_military_police_officers.php#sthash.Fa0heWgJ.dpuf

Insurers'' hospital plans will hit patient choice, consumer body says

Health insurers'' plans to reduce the number of accident and emergency departments at Dutch hospitals will cut patient choice and may conflict with competition law, the Dutch consumers authority ACM said on Wednesday. Health insurers want emergency care to be concentrated at specialised hospitals on a region by region basis, which they say will improve services and boost efficiency.While some hospitals and medical specialists accept the advantages of concentrating services, others say hospitals which lose A&E departments will have reduced services and the quality of their care will deteriorate.In addition, by working together to decide which A&E departments should be covered by insurance, the insurers are reducing patient choice, the ACM said.Patient groups and the Dutch hospitals'' association have also criticised the plans, which were leaked earlier this year. Insurers have also been given the go-ahead by the health minister to draw up a new form of insurance policy which limits treatment to insurer-approved suppliers. © DutchNews.nl - See more at: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2014/07/insurers_hospital_plans_will_h.php#sthash.uAs8EBLv.dpuf

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