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General News
Bishop Blasts Mahama 2/2/2014

The Methodist Bishop of Obuasi in the Ashanti Region, Rt. Rev. Stephen Richard Bosomtwi-Ayensu, has in an unusual fashion, criticized the John Mahama administration, describing the President as sleeping on the job.
The Reverend Minister, who was not afraid to speak his mind about the state of the nation, advised President Mahama to wake up from his slumber and move the nation forward.
He noted that everything was at a standstill because the President had been sleeping on the job.
The Reverend Minister, obviously angered and frustrated by the current economic hardship in the country, asked members of the clergy to stop fasting and praying for the nation, and rather speak against the ills of the Government including corruption which had taken on a national garb.
According to him, enough prayers had been said for the country, yet nothing positive seemed to be happening.
Rev Bosomtwi-Ayensu, who was speaking at a crusade organized by the Methodist Church at Obuasi Black Park in the Ashanti Region, admonished his fellow men in the clergy to start taking the government and its officials on, and demand stewardship of their offices.
“It is about time we the men of God took the President and his Ministers on face-to-face. We have prayed and fasted, prophesied and done everything spiritually possible to no avail and it’s time to now question the President and his ministers,” Rev. Bosomtwie-Ayensu charged.
The Reverend Minister wondered why the President was, according to him, so unconcerned about the plight of the people.
He described the posturing of government as akin to a paralyzed body incapable of taking hold of its affairs. He described the President and the Government as acting as if they had “suffered stroke”.
“The President is slow. It’s as if he and the Government are suffering from stroke. He seems so unconcerned about our sufferings. Times are so hard and life is simply unbearable. He must wake up to realities and stop sleeping on the job,” he added.
Rev. Bosomtwe-Ayensu chided the President for turning a blind eye to the spiraling increases in fuel prices, water and electricity tariffs and the problems confronting the NHIS capitation programme being piloted in the Ashanti Region.
He warned that his church members would soon demonstrate against the programme since Government had turned a deaf ear to their complaints.
He said the President had chosen to rather listen to his cronies, to the detriment of the nation at large.
Woyome GH¢51.2m
The Reverend is not new to controversy, as he had led the Obuasi Diocesan Synod of the Methodist Church to demand the return of the GH¢51.2million fraudulently paid to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) financier in the name of spurious judgment debt.
Rev. Bosomtwi-Ayensu had said that whatever definition or explanation that stood for judgment debt was not too much of a bother to many Ghanaians, but the retrieval of the money.
“This Synod is humbly appealing to the government and the powers-that-be to do their best to retrieve the huge sums of money paid to the brother concerned,” Rev Bosomtwi-Ayensu implored.
The Bishop added, “I trust that the Government would not allow matters to rest till the so-called judgment debt money finds its way back to government chest to meet some of our social, educational, medical and developmental needs.”
He noted that media reports had suggested that some kind of debts were paid in the past, but the one paid to Woyome must be dealt with immediately to open the doors for reclamation of hidden ones.

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