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Dutch News
Dual national convicted terrorists to lose Dutch passports 9/1/2013
Membership of a terrorist organisation will lead to dual nationals automatically losing their Dutch nationality under new legislation from junior justice minister Fred Teeven. At the moment, people can have heir Dutch nationality taken away from them if they voluntarily serve in an army which is engaged in military action against the Netherlands or one of its allies, such as Nato. However, ‘changing attitudes in society about terrorist or paramilitary organisation and guerilla groups’ provide sufficient impetus for a change in the law, Teeven said. Court The sanction could only be applied if someone is found ‘irrevocably’ guilty in court. Dutch nationality could also be withdrawn from people found ‘irrevocably guilty’ of helping to prepare a terrorist act by ‘providing information, knowledge and skills or making materials available.’Such a person is acting so much against the essential interests of the state that there can no longer be a connection between him and the kingdom of the Netherlands, Teeven said. The sanction will only be applied to dual nationals to make sure people do not end up stateless.

Welfare claims top 400,000

The number of people in the Netherlands claiming welfare benefits (bijstand) reached 400,000 by the end of June as 21,000 people joined the ranks of the long-term unemployed. In 2012 as a whole there were 12,000 new claims. Welfare benefits are paid to people with few assets and kick in after people have used up their entitlement to unemployment benefit (ww). Some 39,000 of welfare benefit claimants are under the age of 27, the CBS said.

Engineers raise more fears about sea defence erosion

Six civil engineers who had a leading role in building the Oosterschelde storm barrier in Zeeland have told parliament they are extremely concerned about the safety of the sea defence, news agency ANP reports on Thursday. Earlier this month, the Telegraaf reported officials had discovered holes of more than 50 metres deep in the Oosterscheldedam, part of a massive complex of flood defences protecting the south west of the Netherlands from the sea. The claim was dismissed by the infrastructure ministry. However, the engineers say necessary reinforcements to the base of the dam have not been made since 2000, and that the sea bed has become seriously damaged. The holes have been caused by currents and the foundations need to be restored to stop the holes giving way. Although some remedial measures have been taken, there needs to be a structural programme to prevent further erosion of the sea bed, the engineers said.

Rise in measles infections slows

The number of people diagnosed with measles in the current Bible belt epidemic rose by 64 to 1,226 this week, says the public health institute RIVM. The institute had expected a sharper rise once schools reopened after the summer break. However, it is too soon to say if the epidemic is over the worst, the RIVM said.

More pensioners carry on working

The number of people over the age of 65 still working has more than doubled over the past 10 years, new figures from the national statistics office CBS show. In 2003, 73,000 people past retirement age still had a job, but that had gone up to 182,000 at the beginning of this year, Trouw said on Friday, quoting CBS figures. The over 65s now account for 2.4% of the working population. The CBS says the increasing economic uncertainty has boosted the number of older workers, but also points to a sharp increase in the number of staffing agencies specialising in the over 65s. There are now 93 employment agencies in this market. In addition, some pensioners take advantage of the financial stability offered by the state and other pensions to start their own company, Trouw reported. The government is in the process of increasing the state retirement age from 65 to 67.

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