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Dutch News
Police failed to meet illegal immigrant arrest quota last year 4/28/2013

Police failed to meet illegal immigrant arrest quota last year

Police handed 3,560 illegal immigrants to the deportation agency last year, below their target of 4,800, current affairs show Nieuwsuur reported on Wednesday evening.
Junior justice minister Fred Teeven has now lowered the quota to 4,000 for 2013, the broadcaster said.
Last year, mayors from most of the Netherlands'' big cities spoke out against the quota because it affected illegal immigrants who were not involved in crime.
The government now plans to make it a criminal offence to live in the Netherlands without proper paperwork but a number of promiment Labour politicians have called on their party not to support the measure.

Last year 483 people donated a ''living kidney''

In total, 483 people donated a kidney to a friend or relative last year, making the Netherlands one of the world''s leading live donor countries.
The number of live donations has gone up five-fold in 15 years, figures from the national transplant foundation show.
The number of transplants using kidneys from dead donors has remained stable, the foundation said.

Primary schools reject minority pupils over test score fears: Trouw

Primary schools are structurally refusing to accept children with an ethnic minority background because of fears they may drive down test scores, experts from multicultural institute Forum say in Friday’s Trouw.
Schools fear that children who don’t speak Dutch as a first language or who are ‘behind’ in other ways may have a negative impact on the school’s Cito score, Forum says. Most primary school children take exams known as the Cito in their final year. The results are used to determine school performance.
In addition, schools are worried about becoming classified as ‘too black’ and therefore unpopular with white parents, starting a negative downwards spiral, Forum told Trouw.

‘This is not good for integration and we will end up with parallel societies,’ Forum says.
The research was carried out by the Nijmegen-based KBA bureau and involved interviews with dozens of parents plus 12 school heads and civil servants, Trouw said.
Although it was a small research project, complaints about discrimination are 25 years old, Forum’s education expert Zeki Arslan told the paper.

‘In this research, education professionals also acknowledge it happens on a structural basis,’ Arslan said. ‘And this in a country where we have freedom of educational choice… I hope this small survey will lead the minister to set up a major research project.

School board association PO-Raad supports Forum’s position. ‘We hear these signals as well,’ a spokesman said. ‘And if it is happening, it is unacceptable.’
Some 12% of Dutch primary schools have more than 50% ethnic-minority pupils. Parents of children with a minority background who try to register their children at white schools hit a variety of obstacles, Trouw said.
These range from simply feeling unwelcome to long waiting lists. In some cases they are referred to a more mixed school ‘where there is more experience with language disadvantage’, Trouw said.

Children''s magazine deputy editor arrested on child porn charges

The deputy editor of popular children''s magazine Kidsweek has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.
Maarten H, 34, and his partner will appear in court on Wednesday charged with downloading 41 photos and 61 child porn films, news agency ANP said.
The two were picked up after a tip-off from Interpol. There is no evidence they were involved in making the material, police said.
H, who has worked for the paper for 10 years, has been suspended.

Leiden college closed after bomb threat

Leiden’s hbo college was evacuated by police on Friday afternoon following a bomb threat. The building was cleared of some 300 people and searched for explosives.
A police spokesman told the NRC he could not confirm if there was a connection with a threat to shoot a teacher at a school in Leiden made earlier in the week.
The youth believed to be at the centre of that threat, which led to all secondary schools in the city being closed on Monday, is now thought to be on his way back to the Netherlands from Costa Rica.

His return is voluntarily but he is being accompanied by officials, according to media reports.
Meanwhile police have been questioning a friend of the suspect and have taken away a computer for examination, website nu.nl reported.

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