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Konadu was the first beneficiary of judgment debts under Mills - Twum Boafo 10/21/2012

Mr Kwadwo Twun Boafo, CEO of the Ghana Free Zones Board, is asking Nana Kondau Agyemeng-Rawlings to refrain from making any comments on the issue of judgment debts, because she was the first person to collect judgment debt under President John Evans Atta Mills’ government.

The former First Lady slammed the government during a press conference Friday, after she was disqualified by the Electoral Commission from running in this year’s elections, for paying unnecessary judgment debts.

Speaking on Alhaji and Alhaji on Radio Gold Saturday, Mr Twun Boafo alleged: “The former First Lady was talking about payment of judgment debt, was she not the first person who collected judgment debt under President Mills’ government…the judgment debt that was paid to her under the Calf Cocoa law suit, was she not the first person who collected it?”

According to him, there are still damming corruption allegations against Nana Kondau, who wanted to lead the National Democratic Party (NDP) in the December elections.

He cited the 2005 audit report on the activities of the 31st December Women’s Movement, which she was the leader, and wondered whether “the GNTC properties, Nsawam Canary and all the thousands of hectares of land, has she finished paying for them or in fact has she paid?” He further quizzed, “What happened to her acquisition of Star Hotel?”

The CEO of the Ghana Free Zones Board warned that the former First Lady “has declared herself as an opponent of this government and as she left the party and she wants us to lose [the] election, everything becomes fair game, to be forewarned.”

He accused Nana Kondau of being “part of the process of the ‘demonification’ of certain people who helped her husband’s government stand in those years of the revolution and I am talking about the so called evil dwarfs, greedy bastards who have been assailed consistently.”

“Those people,” he added, “who helped President Rawlings establish a legacy were the very people who would have noticed that parts of your forms were blanked. The people that you have been consistently demonizing they were the people who made sure that when your husband stood for elections all his forms were filled.”

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