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Gospel musicians use juju – Hannah Marfo confirms 8/26/2012
At a time when most people are complaining about falling standards in the gospel music industry, sorcery, commonly referred to as ‘juju’ is rumoured to be used by some gospel artistes for career successes.

According to available reports in the industry, this “juju” is used to “kill” the growing career of “competitors” who serve as threats in the industry.

This issue, which received condemnation in the past, gained prominence again when gospel icon, Hannah Marfo confirmed it in an interview she granted in Accra last Sunday.

Speaking on the challenges she had encountered as a gospel artiste in the industry, Hannah lamented on how she virtually had to give up on her musical career because of the numerous problems she encountered on a daily basis.

According to the ‘Gye Gye Me’ hit maker, after the release of her hit single “Akristofo Adooso”, which pushed her to prominence in the gospel industry, she could not explain the numerous problems that besieged her on a daily basis.

She noted that it was in these trying times that a Prophetess, at whose church she had gone to perform, revealed to her that two female musicians had used other evil mediums including sorcery in an attempt to collapse her career, hence her constant struggle to make any meaningful impact in the industry.

Hannah went further to disclose that even though she rubbished those revelations by the Prophetess because she didn’t want to believe that as Christians preaching the word of God through music, some could resort to the use of sorcery to be successful, which is even against the religious beliefs, doctrines and practices of Christians.

“But seven years after that the revelation by the Prophetess, I also had a dream where God revealed to me how these two female artistes that the prophetess told me about seven years ago were undermining my progress in the industry. I immediately called the prophetess and informed her about my own revelation and she encouraged me to be more prayerful and depend on God to deliver me from all the challenges I was encountering in my career,” she told Kwabena Idan, the host of “After Church” on Adom FM.

She said even after this revelation, she was still not convinced till one gospel artiste, Cecy Twum, whose husband happens to be a Pastor, also confirmed it to her.

She was however quick to add that she didn’t bear any grudge against these artistes since she had always been prayerful and knew that God had the ultimate answer to her problems.

“At a point in time, I gave up on my musical career because I couldn’t stand all the numerous challenges; but God used my kid sister to encourage me. I remember she once told me that I am not working for man but for God so I shouldn’t let anyone hinder my talent. These words have always been my guide anytime I want to give up”.

After several attempts from the host to make Hannah mention the names of the said female artistes to which she vehemently denied, she remarked, “It is not necessary because I put my trust in God and I also pray a lot”.

This confirmation by Hannah Marfo on the use of “juju” in the industry received widespread condemnation when it made the headlines sometime ago.

But he question on the lips of many Ghanaians is: why would Gospel musicians use sorcery in their career? Are they in the industry for business or to proclaim the work of God, as most of them make us believe?

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