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General News
National ID Cards Cover Both Nationals And Foreigners – NIA 3/18/2012
The National Identification Authority (NIA) today stated that it is legally mandated to register both citizens and non-citizens and issue them with National Identity Cards. “NIA is mandated to register both citizens and non-citizens to create, maintain, provide and promote the use of national ID cards in order to advance economic, political and social activities in the country.

“The fact that a foreign national holds the new national identity card does not mean that it was illegally acquired,” the NIA explained in a statement to the Ghana News Agency signed by Ms Bertha Dzeble of the Public Affairs Department.

The statement explained that the differentiation features on the Ghanacard for Ghanaians and foreign nationals are the nationality code in the Personal Identification Number (PIN).

"However, if it is established that the Ghanacard issued to any foreigner bears the Ghana code, then it means that the individual misrepresented himself or herself to the NIA during the registration process.

“This is an offence under section 40 (1) (a) of the National Identity Register Act, 2008 (Act 750) and is liable on summary convection to a fine of not more than 250 penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not more than two years or to both,” statement noted.

The Authority was reacting to media reports headlined: “Ghanaian ID Cards seized from Foreigners,” and “Ghanaian ID Cards for Aliens,” and described them as misleading.

The NIA therefore appealed to all security agencies to contact the Authority for authentication of any Ghanacard they find to be in doubt before going public. It also urged the media, parliamentarians and other stakeholders including Immigration Officials to acquaint themselves with the NIA Act and other details on National Identification.

It explained that Section two sub-sections two of the NIA Act, 2006 (Act 707) states, “inter alia, collect personal data, on citizen’s resident in the republic and abroad, and on foreign nationals permanently resident in the country.

“Issue national identity cards to citizens and foreign nationals permanently resident in the country...the non-citizens also include refugees living in the country”.
The NIA assured the general public that it will not be diverted from its core function of issuing National ID cards to anxious applicants and manage the identification system for the country.

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