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Socrates Safo accused of stealing sperm 9/11/2011
The mysterious disappearance of the sperms (or semen) of a Ghanaian actor a fortnight ago, which eventually caused the arrest of a renowned movie producer by the Tema Community 18 Police, is now generating its own set of blues than many in the country''s film industry had anticipated.

As the whereabouts of the sperms still remain unknown, the producer at the centre of the matter had denied stealing the sperms for ritual purposes, contrary to rumours and reports by sections of the media.

He has, thus, been moved into believing that the title of the film he is shooting, ''Sons of Satan,'' can be the reason for the dramatic turn of events.

"I didn''t steal anybody''s sperm," insisted Mr. Socrates Safo, the producer, in an exclusive interview with ''The Spectator'' on Thursday.

Mr. Safo, regarded as the country''s most controversial film producer, was picked by uniformed policemen whilst on location shooting the ''Sons of Satan'' and sent to the Tema Community 18 Police Station for questioning over the whereabouts of the missing sperms belonging to actor Felix Duke, also known as Paada.

According to Mr. Safo, a particular scene in the movie had called for the use of some sample of sperms, “so we mixed starch with milk to create the sperm. But the guy (actor) said it (the sperm) doesn''t look real so he''ll produce his own sperms for the scene.

"As if it was a joke, we were there when he came with his own sperms, so we shot that scene. Then we were there some minutes afterwards when some policemen surrounded the place and picked me up.

"They said the actor was requesting for his sperms and since I was the producer, I should answer to that. So they sent me to the police station where I was asked to write a statement, which I did."

He added: "I later got to know that the actor had earlier been angered by a fellow actress, Baby Blanche, who was teasing him when he was looking for his sperm after shooting the scene. Perhaps, he feared someone could use it for a ritual which, coincidentally, the film also talks about."

On his views about the incident, he opined: "I think Satan was trying to frustrate our effort, just as the title of the film goes. But let me say it once and for all that I didn''t steal anybody''s sperm for rituals as it is been bandied around."

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