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NDC''s 375m Jet Deal… Mills OK It In One Day 7/24/2011
Hon.E. T. Mensah, now Minister for Labour and Social Welfare also said on the same day in March, 2008, "Why this indecent haste towards the dying minutes of President Kufuor''s Presidency? Why the indecent haste? We want to know. Is it because of kickbacks or what?"
The ball appears to be forcefully bouncing back to the NDC to answer whether the suffering has ceased, there is no water shortage, no electricity shortage and the haste is not indecent after rushing through the Jet deal without even cabinet considering it and the Presidential fiat.
So how many schools, hospitals, boreholes, roads, toilets, can the 3.7 trillion cedis for the Jets construct? Are there any kickbacks? Why have some of the costs doubled? Can Politicians be sincere? Can the electorate trust and believe political leaders? These are questions the public is asking.
The NDC government is under intense pressure to justify its request to Parliament to approve the acquisition of Jets for C375 Million(us250 million dollars) following questions raised by the public in respect of the cost, the haste in seeking parliamentary approval and the reasons for the acquisition.
In its bid to rush through the Jet deal, President Mills on 21st June 2011 gave Executive approval without Cabinet discussion after the Attorney General had provided his legal opinion on the same day.
Within two days, on 23rd June 2011, the Ministers for Finance and Defence had rushed the deal to parliament, where it will bulldoze its way because of its majority.
In seeking to buy five planes and construct a hangar at 3.7 trillion cedis, the government''s main reasons include military evacuation, UN Peace keeping, Maritime support to the Navy and anti-drug trafficking operations. According to the government, “the old generation fleet on the inventory of the Transport Squadrons especially the Fokker F27, are due to be retired from service in line with the Air Force''s strategic plan."
The old age of military aircraft was the main reason the Kufuor government gave for buying planes delivered in September, 2010, but the then opposition NDC now in government rejected it. Hon. Yieleh Chireh, now Minister for Health said on 19th June, 2008 "...the history he is going through, the country was not declared HIPC, there were no water problems and there were no electricity problems. Ghanaians are suffering and you want to let somebody live in luxury, that is the point we are raising."
Source: The FrontPage Newspaper/Ghana

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