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General News
Government takes steps to protect Ghanaians from Charlatan Masquerading as Pastors 6/5/2011
The Government of Ghana has stated that it is disgusted at recent alarming daily reports of so-called pastors engaged in all kinds of despicable, immoral and criminal acts.
A statement signed by Deputy Minister of Information, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa said Government is duty bound as it is expected of all responsible governments to protect the citizenry from such marauding false prophets seeking victims to devour either through extortion, sexual escapades or other wild criminal adventures that have only brought the otherwise noble calling into contempt and disrepute.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa revealed that Government has asked the Ghana Police Service to put its spotlight on the worrying phenomenon and swiftly arrest and bring to justice these miscreants who are not living according to the contents of the Bible they hold.

The statement appealed to all Ghanaians who had fallen victims to the miscreants but had not reported to do so now at the nearest Police Station and that those who wanted their identities protected should not hesitate to indicate that.

Government is also requesting the National Media Commission and the Ghana Journalist Association to agree on guidelines for the coverage of religious programmes in the electronic media. The statement said it is now time to end the exploitation and misdirection of our citizens.

Government said it is also frightened by the total disregard of the rights of citizens who are in most cases paraded as people needing deliverance from the forces of darkness whiles no attempt is made to protect the identity of such persons only exposing them to odium and public contempt. “Even minors who are also expected to enjoy special protection from society are not spared in this wanton disregard of the human rights of our citizens” the statement added.

The statement asked religious associations to take steps at self-regulation and ensure that charlatans are weeded out from their midst. It also appealed to true church leaders to teach their members on how to identify these false prophets and tricksters masquerading as pastors especially as Jesus Christ warned of the rise of this phenomenon in the last days.

The statement concluded that Government is engaged in a discussion on other possible ways of making it extremely difficult if not impossible for these miscreants to thrive in their trade and called for a public debate towards this objective.

Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa
Deputy Minister For Information

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