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General News
Mediawatch Warns President Mills Of Coup Attempt 4/9/2011
Mediawatch Research Associates is appealing to President Mills to take steps to immediately review Ghana’s internal security, his personal security and also observe critically unusual activity at our eastern border which point to certain elements in his party with the support of some foreign associates to topple his government using mass demonstrations organised by dissidents in his party ,followed by a military intervention by a disgruntled section of the army, the national security and elements in the military intelligence.

Mediawatch has discovered and obtained a document which it would soon make public , a statement made by certain leaders of the National Democratic Congress at a meeting at West Legon on the 1st of March that with support of the above sections and police they would attempt a putsch on May 1st by seizing Broadcasting House and Shutting down all major FM and Television stations as well as all Communication networks. What is not clear is who would lead this coup and why

The security situation is really dangerous .We appeal to President Mills to take swift action to neutralise this threat by

a. Reviewing all security movements of Key personnel in government, especially all government ministers.

b. Set up Road Checkpoints at all vantage points entering Accra to be manned by joint army and police units.

c. Changing all security personnel at Broadcasting House, Jubilee House, all airports, sea ports and personnel at our eastern Border with Togo.
d. Declare a limited state of emergency in the Greater Accra Region till May 3rd at least t neutralise the threat.

The President should also make changes to the senior and middle levels of

a The Bureau of National Investigations

b.The Military Intelligence,

c. The Ghana Embassy in Togo

d. The Ghana Embassy in Nigeria

The President must also investigate the conduct of certain individuals and unknown persons at National Security who recently cleared 70 pickups at the Tema Port under unusual circumstances as well as a container with wooden boxes with all sorts of small arms and ammunition.

Forewarned is Forearmed. We must defeat subversion, treason and treachery. Act now to protect and defend our democracy.

Long live Democracy
Long Live Ghana
Mrs Haleema Asana Kabore
For and on behalf of
Mediawatch Research Associates
Kaneshie First Light
Accra Ghana.

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