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Daddy Lumba has created enemies for himself 11/23/2008
It has become clear that prolific musician, charles Kwadwo Fosu, a.k.a. Daddy Lumba has created enemies for himself with his latest composition for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo. Daddy Lumba, a music icon who has commercialized his talent happens to be a thorn in the flesh of some politicians who simply cannot stand his ingenuity.

Although the musician has explained that his decision to sing for the NPP flagbearer was informed by the financial benefits that went with the deal, he was subjected to some harsh criticisms from members of the opposition party who has described him as an opportunist. Latest in the series of attacks is the one from NDC’s Dr. Tony Aidoo who categorically expressed his deep–seated resentment against the musician. Dr Aidoo said “I used to like Lumba, I like his music even though some for the lyrics used to be a bit vulgar - but I used to like the beat and so on but now anytime I hear his music I switch it off because if you have become political, then definitely you must be treated with the political rod.”

Apart from the highlife musician whose song has arguably become the most popular campaign song, the NDC man ridiculed the campaign strategy of Nana Akufo-Addo, saying that “by very disingenuous methods he (Nana Addo) seems to have gotten all these musicians into his camp but of course the musician is also a business person- if you pay the prize he comes, sheer opportunism raised, we are seeing them, we will see, some of them are losing their audience.”

Still on campaigning with music, the former Deputy Defense Minister again commended hiplife star, Obuor adding that, what was disturbing was the extent to which some politicians sought to capitalize and take advantage of these musicians.“Akufo-Addo started by having a Jesus Christ complex and he took the Jesus Christ complex to Kumasi …... that he is Jesus Christ” Dr Aidoo said sarcastically, singing gospel musician, Christiana Love’s “I am moving formed tune” to buttress his point.

Dr. Aiddo last Saturday morning on Radio Gold did not spare the priests and preachers of the gospel when analyzing their contribution in ensuring a peaceful election. According to him, commercialized theology was a very thriving business in the country explaining that not only are the priests not satisfied with the ordinary dats of worship that they claim has been prescribed in the Bible but now they are seizing even working day as an opportunity to reap in more money and this election has provided the most lucrative opportunity for the churches to continue to cream up from their congregation.”

According to him, the priests did not bother about peaceful elections but rather happy about the opportunity to bring the congregation to church to collect tithes and offertories. On the performance of the media, Dr. Aiddo said “there is a considerable dishonesty and discrimination in terms of media practice relating to the campaign.

On television advertisements, Dr. Aidoo said he turned down an invitation to a TV Africa current affairs programme because the station was showing a deceptive and obnoxious commercial against his party. “You are saying that Kweku Baako and whatever… Haruna Atta, Kwesi Pratt were jailed because they were critical of the NDC government, here is this man with his rotten teeth and the lower teeth has already eaten into the upper teeth lying to the children”. He contented that the journalists were not jailed for criticizing the government but for contempt of court.

Source: The Crusading Guide

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