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General News
Ghanaian women have low sexual drive 11/8/2008

A carefully implemented study conducted by a women''s research group showed that Ghanaian women especially those above post-menopausal ages have little to no interest for sex. The study showed an alarming trend - that Ghanaian women after having an average of two to four children or after 40 years, become less and less interested in sex. Some, the study suggested completely switch off their libidos, and show little to no interest in sexual pleasures.

Symptons the study used as a provy for measuring sexual interests include sexy appearance, verbal and body language, fashion sense, group and social affiliations, self-estime, selflessness or selfishness, living occupations, fantasies, greed, family values, religiosity, moral values, education, exposure to sexual aids like toys and porno, foods and eating harbits, topics of interest, gossip topics and ethical values.

A pilot study found that most of these women were unwilling to divulge their real sexual practices; hence the use of proxy measures.

The study also showed that this alarming trend was also somehow positively related to women''s life-spans. The study suggested that just as Ghanaian women''s sexual interests diminished, so did their life-span. The study stayed away from diagonizing root causes, or prescribing any solutions for this trend in the women - it leaves that to behavioural specialists.

According to new research published this week in The New England Journal of Medicine "Postmenopausal women who have lost interest in sex may be able to bring their libidos back to life with a testosterone patch, . However, the use of the male hormone to boost sex drive in women may not be risk-free."

Out of the 814 women in the study, four women who were taking testosterone developed breast cancer, but none of the women on placebo did. It''s not clear whether this was a statistical blip or a warning sign that excess testosterone could cause or spur the growth of a malignancy. Some women also reported excess hair growth, although none stopped using the hormone for this reason."

Source: .Joe Mensah

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