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Wealthy Ghanaians Flee Abroad? 10/15/2008

…In Anticipation Of War In December
Accra (THE SUN) -- Little hints of coordinated talk doing the rounds in towns and cities depict a most horrifying picture of the affluent in society, packing bag and baggage and flying over to the cold but reassuringly peaceful confines of Europe, and the United States.

The development, so hard to prove in relative numerical terms, comes on the heel of harsh political exchanges among the two leading Parties (NDC and NPP), which political watchers have been quick to claim, has the propensity to spark off a civil war come the General Elections of December 7.

Close watchers of the political terrain claim the manifest at the Kotoka International Airport for instance bares the names of mostly the fairly rich right through to the very wealthy, who continue to leave the country in droves as the General Elections and the overall political picture gets murkier. The growing list of escapee list stems from the fact that Prophet after Prophet have claimed between firm spiritual teeth that, if indeed the faithful do not WATCH, FAST and PRAY, a civil war of immeasurable proportions could almost certainly kick-start and once it does, no one can tell where it will end. At the various Churches, several messages keep churning out of the lips of supposed Men of God pointing to dark times ahead in the very first week of December, and immediately after the General Elections just before the next President is sworn in.

And with the present system barely incapable of handling even armed robbers wielding just G3 rifles, Russian-made TUKA TUKAROV and MAKAROV, the wealthy in society have had to take the easy route out by flying outside the country even before AK47s stashed elsewhere with certain individuals could report their very first firing.

Additionally, the political climate is also not helping matters. A supposedly mild attack on NDC operatives by NPP’s Collins Boakye Agyarko branding them wild and careless-talkers has invited vitriolic attacks from Party’s hot-heads. NDC Party general secretary Mr Asiedu Nketia has been quick to label all 17 presidential aspirants who contested the sole NPP slot thieves, who met to elect the principal thief last December 22, 2007.

Comments of this nature and their counters continue to inform the affluent in society, who have a lot to protect apart from dear life once they have the wherewithal to escape mortar fire that brings in its wake that frightening echo-effect, and attendant destruction of life and property.

But in the midst of all these, certain other preachers of the gospel continue to assure the general public that pretty no war would emerge, throwing up a state of contradictions and setting up the million-Cedi question as to which of the preachers serve the one true God who is never known to give contradictory prophesies.

The overall picture however appears to hinge on NDC presidential hopeful Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, who has assured beyond every reasonable doubt that if indeed the state apparatus tries anything untoward, then light will not have to go out for a “Kenya” to appear in Ghana.

This, having come from a gentleman often referred to as KING OF PEACE has really frightened the living daylight out of the rich, who need to escape to protect their lives and property on account of a damnable and a blood-letting day in the coming days.

Source: THE SUN

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