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The ghost of MTN Ghana Music Awards 5/16/2008

The opening performance at the Ninth-MTN-Ghana Music Awards night by Kwaw Kesse and his group was, to say the least, so poor that some of my friends and I were put off; the group was too loud and one could not decipher what the artistes were doing on stage.

After so much time has been wasted, (remember the night’s show was billed to start at 7.30 pm ), it was not until that the performance which was below expectation got rolling to open the curtain for the programme to start.

Did I hear people ask why the event was emceed by petit Doreen Andoh and Emmanuel (Batman) Samini? Well, for those who do not know, it is sometimes refreshing to see new faces. Indeed, Samini brought a lot of fun into the rather dull night. His performance was just great as it brought most of the audience on their feet as they sang and danced along with him.

Perhaps in introducing the artistes, he got carried away and went along singing, but that is what sometimes happen if a performer of his status who pulls the crowd is the MC. I believe with more appearances Samini will pick up. To Doreen, I say good show, you did your best. Being an MC is not all about jokes, some of which are dry anyway.

Back to why I picked my pen. Issue number one, is about the award of ‘Record Label of the year’ which went to Kwaw Kesse’s Mad Time Entertainment Ltd. The organisers and the judges should explain the criteria for this award to us once more.

Is it about the number of recordings, uniqueness or what? Secondly the Artiste of the Year, won by Kwaw Kesse and his Abodam music. For my friends and I, the beauty and suspense about the night was wiped off when Kwaw Kesse announced after a picking his first award, “I will definitely be back” , and before his name was mentioned for the second award there was no surprise on his face.

This to some extent, confirms the fears of some members of the producers who were interviewed on some radio stations after the “industry Award” on Wednesday that it was obvious that whoever won the “Record Label” award will pick the Artiste of the year and others awards.

And, really, if this is what the public wants – if it is all about almost being unkempt and singing profanity-fre oba no na yobno, na nyem no.” call the lady and impregnate her certainly, madness too can never be a joke!

What message and impact are we sending via entertainment to the public?

The last but one ghost of the night was the award to Irene and Jane for best vocal female performance.

Hmmm, is it all about awarding copy right? What do they sing? Is it about making the wow, wow wooow sound before they got on stage after receiving their award?

The reaction from the audience speaks volums, so I rest this case. For me, Becca should have picked that award or Cee for that matter. So please Rebecca accept it from my friends and I. The final ghost, oh yes the final was about the announcement by the MUSIGA president, Mrs. Diana Hopeson that who ever did not pick his or her award personally had to forfeit the money.

This is a breach of contract. All along, the announcement before the night and before the disagreements over the awards on Thursday and Friday was that each award was a plaque and cash of GH¢1000 – this is a package.

Auntie Diana, I disagree with you very much on that bit, more so when you confirmed on Saturday to the entertainment Review programme on Peace FM on Saturday that Bandex, Big Ben and others had penned their grievance or is it protest or had drawn you, attention to some a concerns earlier that Friday morning.

The various stake holders ought to take this matter up for amicable settlement.

However, Auntie Diana, I agree with you one hundred per cent when you said the performance by the girls on the 5five bill is for the club and not such a stage. Anyway, what is all this craze about shaking the butt?

Oh, I nearly forget GTV, you promised that the show and just as viewers were warming up for the night you gave us “yen ara ya assase ne” will be telecast live since all of us cannot find space in the National Theatre and goodnight. Oh! What a night!
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