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Reggie Rockstone ready with a new album 11/9/2007
Reggie Rockstone is to hiplife what R. Kelly is to R&B. Period. Take him out of the equation and it remains unsolved. Ever since he put down the mic to a more low profile life, Hiplife as we knew it has spun off in a tangent; going parallel to the vision that many had for it. Still his ability to bring a unique style into the game has given air for other young artistes to show what they’ve got.

It was fun back then when you heard Twi lyrics over hiphop beats and other sampled rhythms from all over. Many youth at that time related easily to songs like “Plan bn”, “Mede b bom”, “Ahye wo”, “Sweetie Sweetie”, “M’aka m’aka” and “Mapuka”. His recent songs like “Peaches” that featured Sway and Kwaku T was an indication that Grandpa Reggie didn’t want his fire put out so quickly. There’s still some juice left in his ‘grey’.

It’s seems like eternity, but it’s actually been only 3 years that Reggie left the active music scene in Ghana. Within those three years, he hasn’t had a moment’s rest: from consulting up and coming artists, to schooling international hip-hoppers on hip-life, to appearances-fighting Payola, the studio sessions, to being signed on to an international record label dealing with artists from Ghana and South Africa to… Phew! Doesn’t sound like much of a retirement, does it? With that time also, he worked on creating unbelievable music for his fans.

You must be wondering when to head out to get the CDs huh? The official date is December 2007. So you can start saving up your lunch money from now. Everything could be on either side of the list for this album. Reggie takes each song in even more complex directions on this new album. At a lyricist level he’s grown in enough ways to set him apart. Reggie’s songs, be they heartbroken punch lines or rollicking party songs, there’s multiple levels of critical-thinking, about his personal experiences and how he lives it.

Rockstone returns to the Hiplife music scene to reclaim what he helped originate. It will be a double album remixing some of his greatest hits that will blow your mind over! So keep your ears wide open for the first release – Bohm Bohm,, from back in the day remixed with a brand new cold mix of boom-bap beats over heavy keyboards and cords as you relive the good old days.

Reggie says, “I had to start with Bohm Bohm, it’s just a foot stomper that had everybody on the dance floor back when it was released. I’ve hooked it up with a fresh new beat and a new chorus, I think it’s even tighter than before.”

And he’s right; I partied to Bohm Bohm the first time round and plan to party even harder this time round. This is definitely going to be one for the dance floors with its irresistible call ‘Odenden. DJ, DJ what you drinking?’

Reggie Rockstone plans to take Ghana, Africa, and the world by storm – AGAIN! To Ghana, Rockstone brings opportunity for young people by offering them jobs in promotions and distributions as well as teaching workshops on how to make it in the music industry. For Africa, he’s bringing social consciousness back to youth music. And for the world, damn good music and an unstoppable African presence on the international stage.

Rockstone has done it all on the new album. “This album is a one off collection of my Hiplife classics laced with the new. It is just another step in taking Hiplife to a new level by showcasing Ghana’s new talent. I worked with some of Ghana’s best producers and we turned my tracks inside out and created something that is just … when you hear it you’ll know what it is.” explains Reggie.

Expect international and local collaborations with young artist taking their spin on Rockstone’s unforgettable classics like “Keep Your Eyes on the Road” and the fresh soon-to-be hot club classic “Peaches”, featuring Big Brother Star Kwaku-T and international artist Sway. Get ready for fabulous spanking new beats from producers such as MA, JAY-So and J-Town, international distribution, never before heard bonus tracks and more … Reggie has it coming hard for 2008- Watch out now…..


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