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General News
I''ll Shock NPP, NDC -Wayo 9/24/2007
... People are crying for a change of govt
... Kufuor-led NPP - most corrupt ever
Mr. Charles ‘Chuck’ Kofi Wayo, Founder and Leader of the recently-approved United Renaissance Party (URP) has promised to give the two main political parties in the country, the ruling NPP and the opposition NDC, the shock of their lives by winning the presidency come December 2008.

He said he is more than optimistic about his claim, stressing that he will win the elections hands-down on the ticket of his party and go ahead to demonstrate to his critics how to really govern and develop a nation by transforming the country’s economy within the shortest possible time.

Speaking to Gye Nyame Concord on his nationwide campaign tour, Mr. Wayo said his tour has so far been more than successful and that everywhere he went people were crying for a change of government, noting that people assured him they will vote him as the next President of the republic.

Kofi Wayo told this paper that he will put in place radical and pragmatic measures to ensure a swift turnaround of the Ghanaian economy within six months of taking office.

He maintained that with a modest government size, he will raise Ghana’s energy production to not less than 10000 Megawatts (MW) within the first six months of office and export power to neighbouring West African countries and even other parts of the continent.

He further stressed that to ensure rapid industrialisation and economic development, there must be more than enough energy production and supply for industry to be able to work efficiently and effectively, maintaining that with the current energy situation in the country, there is no way Ghana can achieve its aims and objectives which among other things include attaining a middle income status in the nearest future.

The outspoken critic of the Kufuor administration assured that he has the know-how and the international connections to bring his vision to fruition and ensure that the good people of this country live under decent and acceptable conditions of living.

He reiterated that there are more than enough evidence, looking at the present living standards of the ordinary Ghanaian, that the Kufuor-led NPP government has nothing good to offer Ghanaians and accused it of being the most corrupt government ever the history of this country.

“They can’t do anything to develop this country because they don’t know nothing. Look at how they are managing the country’s energy sector. They are not even managing it, they are rather mismanaging it,” Chuck cried out.

“Listen, since they came to office they have not even been able improve the economy. How can you trust them?” he asked.

According to the one-time member of the ruling party, with the number of natural resources such as gold, timber, diamond, salt etc., Ghana’s economy should have been the leader in Africa, but due to corruption and lack of vision on the part of successive leaders, Ghana lags behind as one of the poorest on the continent and across the globe.

He described African leaders as a group of political entrepreneurs who seek political power only to amass wealth to satisfy their parochial and egocentric interests at the expense of ordinary citizens.

He alleged that members of the NPP administration are now richer than seven years ago when they came into office, saying this is so because of the corrupt nature of the government.

He promised that his government would not tolerate corruption but would rather be radical in putting in place the necessary policies to ensure the rapid development of the national economy.


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