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Elections 2008: Let the electorate breath fresh- CPP 8/27/2007
Accra, Aug. 24, GNA - The Convention People''s Party (CPP) on Friday called on politicians to ensure that Elections 2008 should be non-antagonistic and devoid of tension so that the electorate would breath fresh air to survive and keep the country''s democracy stable. "Cynicism about politics and politicians is dangerous and could subvert the very foundations of our democracy.

"Elections 2008 must therefore be fought on core values, issues and principles to provide direction and inspiration to bind the country together...Politicking after attainment of 50 years of nationhood has to be more than the pursuit of power," Dr Edmund Delle, CPP Chairman told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

He explained that Ghanaian politicians have to rediscover a higher sense of moral content and social purpose, going beyond mere political talks, empty promises and shouting of slogans.

"It must, as it was once, all about service and sacrifice. It must attract and retain the best and the brightest. It must not only offer hope that gets renewed from time to time but it must also fulfill the expectations and aspirations of the people," the CPP leader stated. Dr. Delle said Elections 2008 offers, politicians, civil society activists, electoral administrators, media a crucial responsibility to ensure that; "our politics provide level field for representation, give voice to new groups and communities, forge new social alliances and alignments and tender new confidence to old identities". All of us in public life have a great responsibility to change the nature and course of our politics by ensuring that the spark of nationalism that made Ghana a unique country continues to burn bright.

The CPP Chairman expressed concern that there were so much deprivation around yet; so many government functionaries talk of the poor, while engaging in conspicuous consumption, ostentatious display of wealth and outright wastage.

"We, who derive our inspiration from the great Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah cannot indulge in such double standards. Ultimately, our conscience must guide us to adopt norms of public conduct that stand out for simplicity and integrity," he emphasis.

Dr. Delle therefore, called on Nkrumaists to forge ahead and think innovatively, rejuvenate the politics of protest and agitation, to make the people aware of their entitlements. "We must all recognize that there is more to politics than elections alone, as social democrats we must, spearhead the campaign for the enforcement of legislation relating to women''s rights and child welfare, violence on women, atrocities on weaker sections, child marriage, and . foeticide.

"CPP must reactivate itself and take on social security concerns of scores of workers in the informal sector."

Dr. Delle urged Nkrumaists to resolve to launch and sustain the spirit of volunteerism in which every capable individual undertakes specific tasks in less developed villages, towns and cities. He noted that CPP''s electoral fight with other political parties was not just to conquer and annex electoral power. "Our fight with other political parties is based on ideology. "It is, at its very core, a clash between two diametrically opposing visions of Ghana''s past, between two conflicting visions for the nation''s future.

"CPP was born out of nationalism and its foundations established on the best of Ghanaian traditions and culture, a secular, pluralistic, liberal, all-inclusive nationalism and pride of the nation. "Our opponent''s brand of nationalism is based on divisiveness, hate, bigotry, and rejection of what Ghanaians has always stood for and cherished.

"This is the essential message that we have to propagate. There can be no let-up in our fight against the destructive ideology of our opponents.

"While our founding fathers were fighting for the freedom of our country, they were busy spreading the virus of division in our society to denigrate our party and our leaders. "While our leaders immersed themselves in nation-building, they did their best to undermine them and their efforts and weaken the bonds of amity and harmony".

Dr. Delle therefore called on all Nkrumaists to forge together in unity sacrificing their personal interest, differences and other tendencies that would defeat our mandate to liberate Ghana once again. "This is a clarion call from the masses who had suffered under both the ruling New Patriotic Party and the eight year rule of the National Democratic Congress; we must not fail them," he emphasised. 24 Aug. 07Source:

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