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Our Economic Dev''t Cannot Be Left To Chance - CPP 8/22/2007
The NPP and NDC have left Ghana’s economic development to chance says the Convention People’s Party (CPP). In a press release to radio stations over the weekend the Communications Directorate of the CPP in the United Kingdom stated that “the development strategy for Ghana must have clear focus, vision, structure, direction and consistency”, that the welfare of every individual Ghanaian however humble is the supreme rule that will guide a CPP government in all its endeavours for the country”.

“We do not believe in the “lotto development” approach of the NDC and NPP, which in our circumstance as a developing country leaves millions behind in poverty , with no chance and no hope”, the party said.

The CPP statement stated further that “improving the lives of every Ghanaian calls for an increasing economic strength, a situation in which the productive capacity and efficiency of the economy is developed to the highest degree possible”, and that this calls for a “consistent strategy which delivers the most rapid rate of economic development”.

“A CPP government will link the labour and sweet of Ghanaians with the assets and resources of our society to achieve a purposeful end – that purposeful end is the provision of adequate employment opportunities, the equitable distribution of the nations output and the availability of the means of satisfying ever increasing social need”.

The CPP says it will build a public sector and encourage the private sector to embark on productive investments such as the Agricultural Development Bank which creates a surplus which is then channeled to help farmers as an example, to help them to increase their yields and climb out of poverty. This it said “lays the foundation for further growth of the economy”

The CPP statement also stated that “The path that the NDC and NPP has followed cause our economy to stagnate and to develop in the wrong direction, instead of developing to assure every Ghanaian willing to work a chance to work to improve their living conditions, or to transform the colonial structure of our economy”.

The statement concluded stating that the CPP has a credible list of Presidential candidates and Leaders who are more than a match for the NPP or NDC with a clear vision to heal the country and take Ghana forward.

Communications Directorate – www.cppuk.org

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Communications Directorate – www.cppuk.org

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