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NDC and NPP Have Disgraced Ghana -CPP 8/13/2007
The NDC and NPP have disgraced Ghana says the Convention People’s Party (CPP). In Press Releases and interviews to radio stations over the weekend the Communications Directorate of the CPP, London said “the gurus of the NDC arrived on our political scene vouching to stop the people’s suffering, vouching to end corruption. Their mantra was “probity and accountability”, the misery and fear that they brought has not been forgotten. Workers suffered greatly under their divestiture programme.
The current Scancem scandal has brought a lot of disgrace to our country and demonstrates what most Ghanaians believe about divestiture of State Assets in our country – a complete lack of transparency and a premium recipe for corruption. The (P)NDC’s tenure of office brought numerous similar disgraceful moments of a lack of transparency and corruption”.

“The NPP promised positive change, but the plight of our citizens has worsened with the cost of living rising daily beyond the meager means of most ordinary Ghanaians. They have failed on the basics of providing water and electricity, Law & Order has worsened, with gun crime creating fear in every neighbourhood, corruption is now rampant and practiced with arrogance, and the energy crisis is testimony to NPP inefficiency, mismanagement and incompetence.

They are tarnished by narcotics which has now become an issue of disgrace for all Ghanaians as Ghana has become a global narcotics transit point and the incidence of NPP people involved in drugs has continued to increase” The CPP stated that “today the only proud and positive legacy for all Ghanaians ,recalled by most Black people , by most Africans, by every African Head of State , is that bequeathed by the CPP and Kwame Nkrumah”. The CPP said further that Ghana has the capacity to move beyond the disgrace brought by the drug tarnished NPP, the feared NDC, or the lack of accountability and corruption of both NPP and NDC”.

It said “The CPP brings a new message of hope for Ghanaians, it is a party born out of the aspirations of Ghanaians, and that Ghanaians must now take their frustrations and hopes to the CPP to help it take the country back on track and to move it forward for all the people and not just the rich few.” ” The CPP has always been the party of the people and remains the party of the people” the statement said.

The CPP also attacked Government plans to sell shares of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) to a foreign bank saying “ the NPP has continued with the divestiture programme of the NDC , but Scancem and other government sales shows us that there is no transparency with these sales, but it is also bad for Ghana. The signs are there indicating corrupt intent, because how can 34% a company worth $600m be sold for only $80m. The CPP urged workers to stand firm in resisting the sale - “this is not an issue just for Farmers or ADB workers but for all workers and all Ghanaians. Professional Bodies, Teachers, Lecturers, Doctors and Nurses must all join the battle to save ADB for Ghana, for it is such institutions created by the CPP that has helped farmer’s children to become Doctors, professionals, Nurses Etc and has helped push the nation forward”

“Join us to right Ghana” is how the CPP ended their message to the media.

Communications Directorate – www.cppuk.org

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