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Nadjat finally out! 7/24/2007
Her eviction has been highly anticipated since the inception of Mentor 3. Week after week Mentor fans fume with anger as to why Nadjat was still in the competition when the likes of Nana, K-Gee and were Erico evicted.

But Nadjat was buoyed up by the fact that she does well to maintain her head above waters and gain a considerable amount of votes from both the judges and the voting public that is enough to keep her in the House.

Nadjat can easily be linked with Maya of Mentor 1 fame for the mere fact that both were at the receiving end of the fans every week but were able to progress as the competition becomes keener just that Nadjat couldn’t hold on much longer.

Nadjat couldn’t fight the might of Ras Liza and had to bow out last Sunday. If there had been any eviction which many saw coming then it was that of Nadats’. Her eviction did not witness the normal hue and cry envisaged during any of such evictions since the Mentor Show started. The general feeling was; “after all we wanted her out already”. As to this particular perception we at the Weekly Fylla find this very amusing and interesting.

Nadjat didn’t look much surprised but she really would do with the fame and attention she has generated within the past 8 weeks that she had been associated with the competition. When asked if she is preparing to enter the music industry full time and anytime soon she said she would cross the bridge when she gets there. “For now I would like to take it one step at a time and God willing I would get to where He wants me to be.

Nadjat would definitely enjoy huge patronage at her eviction party come this Saturday at the Oceans Nite Club at North Kaneshie since she has been able to charm both the judges and Mentor fans alike with her looks and sexy body. Dela really did have a relatively good time at Yegoala last Saturday. She had Praye and other evictees Nana and K-Gee to support her have fun.

Now the race is open for the contestants with guts to race to the final four. Who goes out next week? Your guess is as good as mine. But come to think of it; would it be another all boys affair at the grand final? Ras Liza might have a point prove!


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