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General News
Anglicans Flay Gay Bishops 7/19/2007
...& Lesbians cos God did not sanction them
An executive member of the Orthodox Anglican Church, Ghana, Mr. Willie Halms has stated that the church does not believe in the enthronement of gays and lesbians as bishops of the Anglican Church because they do not subscribe to the gay culture and lesbianism. He said they equally did not support the enthronement of women as bishops of the church because it had no biblical basis.

Speaking at a news conference to announce the intended visit of the head of the Orthodox Anglican Church, The Most Rev. Dr. Scott Earl McLaughlin to the country this month, Mr. Halm said the enthronement of gay bishops and women had no links to the great book, the bible. He noted that if God who created the earth wanted man to have sex with his colleague man, he would not have created Eve for Adam to marry.

He noted that the fact that this was not done by God meant that man could not stay with man as couple. In the case of enthronement of women as bishops as being done by the mainstream Anglican Church, Mr. Halm who is also a veteran journalists said Jesus Christ who brought about Christianity did not appoint any woman as one of his twelve disciples. He therefore wondered why some Christian leaders should now try to enthrone women as bishops as if what Christ himself did was wrong. According to him the position that Jesus took should not be misconstrued to mean that women were nothing in society adding that there were still women who were part of his ministry but not disciples.

He said the Sekondi diocese of the Saint Peter and Paul, the Apostles of the Orthodox Anglican Church Ghana broke away from the mainstream Anglican Church because apart from the injustices, unfairness and dishonesty they suffered, they would have also been tagged as supporters of this abominable act of enthroning guys and lesbians as bishops in the Anglican Church. He said the faith of the Orthodox Anglican Church, which has its headquarters in the USA, is based on the ancient creeds and apostolic teachings. Earlier the public affairs committee chairman of the church in Ghana, Mr. Kofi Gyetsua Ankuma told the news men that the Anglican communion was established in 1967 as self-governing Anglican church body, a world wide fellowship of national Anglican churches committed to the old paths of “one holy catholic and apostolic faith”.

“The Orthodox Anglican Communion is one of the first such communions outside the See of Canterbury. The church stands on biblical faith and morality thus, ordains only Godly men to Holy Orders and affirms that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman and therefore we do not subscribe to gayism and lesbianism”, he said. According to Kofi Gyetsua, a presenter at one of the local radio stations, the head of the church would be arriving in the country on Monday July 23. Upon arrival he would pay a courtesy call on President Kufuor and head of Ahmmadyya mission in Ghana, Mauvi Wahab-Adam before proceeding to Sekondi to officially inaugurate the church in Ghana.

The Chronicle
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 July 2007 )

ye re di yen to. go to hell if you will not come to church.those wey dem they talk,they no dwy fuck demma wives demma asses.nkwaseasem

Posted by kungfu, on 07/17/2007 at 14:57
It seems the Anglican Church wants to break up again. Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church because of sex. He wanted a male heir to succeed him so he must have a chain of wives to do the trick. I am shocked that they have taken a ''softly-softly'' stance over this gay & lesbian issue in the church of late. Yes, God created everybody, including robbers, rapists murderers, assassins, et al. But must we condone their actions? Why take them to court, try them and incacerate them to correct their behaviour? We could as well leave them to become leaders in our societies, and God help us!
What portions of the bible will those gay and lesbian bishops and priests leave out when they are ministering to their congregations? Don''t we frown on male animals which try to mount other males and say it is taboo? We are worse than these animals if we begin to sanction these acts. Let all beware. Lord have mercy.

Posted by Nana Akuamoah Bamfo, Lagos, on 07/17/2007 at 16:15
Helloooo!!!! Who were the friends of Paa Kwesi Welbourne when he was in America. Paa Kwesi stop fooling Ghanaians and learn to shut upppp!!! Let the Gyestua Ankuma the son of Solomon Eghan direct and rule your life for. Anyway MAY ABA WELBOURNE REST IN PERFECT PEACE!!

Posted by Kuuku, on 07/17/2007 at 20:28
''Upon arrival he would pay a courtesy call on President Kufuor and head of Ahmmadyya mission in Ghana, Mauvi Wahab-Adam before proceeding to Sekondi to officially inaugurate the church in Ghana.''
Something is not correct here. Why is the so called Archbishop of Welbourne not calling on any christian leader but the head of the Ahmmadyya Movement. I need to know

Posted by Kwesi, on 07/17/2007 at 20:33
the church must shut up. They are all hypocites. cant they see what God using women to do in this country, Ghana? Homosexuality is not the issue here. the issue is people bring themselves and not hypocrites as God gave peole options and did nto ask or cammand people to do the same thing. He counld have ask all to go to church but he didnt. He isthe only true God and all men liers and hypocrites.

Posted by Prince Kweku M, on 07/17/2007 at 20:53

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