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Afro Moses suffers disaster 7/16/2007
Big shock for Afro Moses and Family! Newcastle, Australia experiences a natural disaster. The whole city has major floods. Afro Moses, his wife Katja, and newborn daughter, Malaika were trapped in their home for several hours, surrounded by rising water.

The water rushed into their home and continued to fill up every room.

With telephone lines down, they were lucky to have their mobile phones with them. They contacted police and emergency services who instructed them to remain calm, keep warm, pack a small bag of supplies and to get up high on a table or ladder.

The three prayed for safety as they watched their precious possessions float around them and saw their car outside totally disappear under the fast moving dirty water.

Emergency services were going to use boats for the rescue, they however decided against it as they were going to rescue a newborn baby plus a woman in her 90''s in a wheelchair who resides across the

They brought in a special truck for the rescue. Several men braved the waters to reach the front window of the house. Afro Moses was carried on their shoulders through the storm, heavy rain and wind. His wife then passed through their precious baby daughter, who was carried up past the chest high water level with rubbish and planks of wood.

Katja was the last one out. As they thanked God for escaping safely they sadly watched their family house and car drowning in water. They were taken to a rescue centre where the police gave them hot drinks and some comfort.

Afro Moses and family are now staying with Katja''s mother and cannot return home for many weeks. Katja fell sick for a few days after the rescue and health officials were concerned for the community as the floodwaters contained sewerage and diesel fuel. Katja is reportedly well now.

Our deepest sympathy goes to the families of those who lost their lives. A 40-year-old man tried to escape in his car but was swept into a storm water drain.

A family of five were travelling along the highway, as the whole road opened up and they disappeared into the gorge and running creek below.

Another couple were also driving in a country area, and their 4WD car was swept off a bridge into the river. Plus, there have been many stories of brave rescues and near death experiences.

The whole city has been estimated to suffer about one billion dollars worth of damage. There are months of repair and reconstruction ahead. However, it has also been a time of wonderful community spirit as family, friends and neighbours help one another through this tragedy.

Source: showghana.com

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