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MP Blasts Rawlings 6/21/2007
The verbal assaults on President Kufuor and the ruling government, as well as United States President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair by Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings, has sent him on a collision course with the Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa, Hon. Maxwell Kofi Jumah, barely 48 hours after his outbursts on the platform of the Socialist International group.

The former President, in his usual chorus, last Saturday at the Cocktail organised for the visiting delegates of Socialist International at his Ridge residence in Accra, accused Mr. Blair, Mr. Bush and the Western media of doing everything possible to whitewash the Kufuor-led government despite the absolute rot of the regime.

According to Rawlings, Ghana under the leadership of the PNDC and NDC governments became a shining example of a self empowered nation on the way to patriotic greatness.

However, he said today this is not the case. Under a corrupt Kufuor regime, a nervous unipolar leadership of Bush and Blair had no choice but to maintain Ghana as a shining example in order to be used as a pace-setter in Africa. By his estimation, America and Europe have the capacity to call their corrupt and murderous governments to order as exhibited in the recently congressional elections in the US.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Hon. Kofi Jumah, who described the former President’s pronouncements as `Agya Koo` type of comic relief, said Rawlings` utterances demonstrate ultimate hypocrisy. The MP emphatically told GO in an interview that under no circumstances would anybody of sane mind credit the PNDC or NDC regimes as a shining example in Africa. That regime, he stressed, cannot be compared with the NPP government which has been acknowledged globally.

‘In whose book could anybody contemplate that those Rawlings regimes could be considered, even in the remotest sense, as a shining example on the African continent? That is why I am saying I will liken it to some of the Agya Koo movies,` Kofi Jumah fired.

According to him, `the only good thing about the regime was exposing the incompetence and hypocrisy of the self-made Messiah…And that is why Ghanaians have sworn that never again would they tolerate his kind of actions and politics.

Continuing, Maxwell Jumah in sarcastic language said `the Rawlings regimes did a very good thing by showing their incompetence, their murderous, bloody government to the extent that every Ghanaian without any question, unanimously felt that we should never allow coups again.`

According to him, the acknowledgement of the NPP government by the international community is because of the impressive achievements the government has chalked since it assumed office.

Bush and Blair, he pointed out, were not those personally doing those acknowledgements but rather the international institutions.

Source: G. Observer

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