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Appietus The Family Man 6/19/2007
Producer (Beat maker) Appiah Dankwa, the best sound engineer, for Ghana Music Awards 2006, commonly called Appietus from his popular signature “Appietus in the mix” on every beat he makes.

Excessively rear like most of his colleagues Appiah has kept his social life far away from his profession. Well this week, we have decided to take a little dip into the quiet family of the reigning beat maker.

At age 11 young Appiah was always disciplined both at home and in school for making unnecessary noise with any object at all he comes across.

On his return from Europe his Dad Mr. Osei Poku former editor of the Evening News ate bought him a toy-piano to make all the noise he wants to make.

Like most of the local producers, Appiah is also a product from the church. From age 15, he played musical instruments for Four Square Gospel Church, Mount Oliver Methodist Church and Alive Chapel Intentional.

He learnt all his engineering magic from Fredima Studios, where he met Jay-Q. After two years he moved to occupy a job vacancy at Kays Frequency Studio as the resident engineer. Three years thereafter Appiah kept changing studios from Campsite Studio to other studios, until he was able to set up his own Creative Studio.

Over a decade he has programmed, recorded old hits for Native Funk Lords (NFL) “Vote for me”, Nananom “Wo kyere woho dea”, Keteke “Chio Chio” and current hits like “Tuabodom” by Nkasei, “Shordy” by Praye, “Goozy Gander” by Wutah, Once Twice by Ebo-o, Otoolege by All 4 Real, Tokrom by Daddy Lumba and any other song with “Appietus in the mix”.

A darling husband and a sweet daddy; Appietus tell us his story exclusively how he met his wife, Freda Appiah Dankwah. Though he met her outside his music business, Appiah sounded blatantly happy on which grounds they met. “I met her through a lady friend from there I took on my sweet raps and it has worked till today.” Appietus recalls.

Married for almost eight years now, Mr. and Mrs. Appiah Dankwah boast of three lovely kids Nana Amponsah 7 years old, Nshira 4 years and Enigye who is barely a year old. Freda (Mrs. Dankwa) is a self employed woman with her own mother care who is able to balance taking care of her family and running her business.

After describing her as pretty, loving, caring and hardworking Appiah added she has all it takes to remain his wife forever with special emphasis on her back side and her weight.

He believes the family is a gift from which anybody who has one has to take care of. Appietus has gotten some demand from other parts of the world for his great beats. Presently Appiah is in the U.K doing his thing to make Ghana proud. The reigning producer is expected in Ghana in a few days to come. This is a Weekly Fylla exclusive.


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