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Rawlings'' Speech At Socialist International Meet 6/19/2007
Most of Black Africa still lives of the dictates of our colonial masters with a multiplying effect on their citizens. America may have woken to the shock of terrorism of Sept 11 2001. We in Black Africa survived the terror of slavery, the terror of colonialism and we are barely surviving the neo colonialism in a unipolar world that has lost international morality and does not give a damn about public judicial consciousness.

The Global unipolar leadership could not have provided a more opportune climate for the nurturing of tyrannical regimes.The late Pope John II who contributed to the collapse of the socialist economic policy was the same man who thankfully vindicated himself by indicting the unipolar deformity as the Savagery of Capitalism. One of Reagan’s ambitions was to bring an end to a perceived evil empire. President Bush called others the Axis of Evil.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have survived the evils of slavery and colonialism and are barely surviving the evil treachery of neocolonialism. We, in most parts of Africa have known nothing but terrorist regimes inflicted on us by the developed world. What could be more evil than the savagery of capitalism as practised especially in Africa? No example could be worse than what Ghana is facing under Kuffour’s NPP where the moral fibre of a whole nation is being destroyed simply to ensure the survival of the most corrupt and murderous regime in our history. And the unipolar leadership under Blair and Bush would go to any lengths to keep them in office and continue to use their Western media to whitewash their image to the International Community.

Ghana under the leadership of the PNDC and NDC governments became a shining example of a self empowered nation on the way to patriotic greatness. This, however is not the case today. Under a new, but corrupt regime, a nervous unipolar leadership had no choice but to maintain Ghana as a shining example in order to be used as a pacesetter in Africa. This is in spite of the absolute rot of the NPP-Kuffour regime who have terrorised the citizenry back into subjugation.

You, in the America’s and Europe have the capacity to call your governments to order as exhibited in the recent congressional elections in the US. A certain measure of electoral integrity has also been achieved in the South Americas making it very difficult for the unipolar designs to be inflicted on them.In Africa, even as the military is holding onto its noble role in restraining itself, civilian regimes in some areas of Africa are with BLATANT impunity undermining the little culture of democracy that was achieved under a multi-polar world.

Political power is up for sale even to drug peddlers. The cause of justice is predetermined by the naked misuse of political power. Money is replacing moral and ethical values. Ladies and Gentlemen, why do we condemn coups only to turn round and undermine the sanctity of the right of choice in an election? And the more the government commits such inhuman crimes, the more fearful they become of free and fair elections and as a result become even more tyrannical.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we cannot fight this battle without the masses nor can we do so without the voice of conscience both internally and externally. We have to be bold, audacious, to defy; (must have) the strength and the will and the skill to rectify And the capacity to solidify.

Speech by H.E. J.J. Rawlings at the cocktail organized for the visiting delegation of Socialist International at the Ridge Office on 15th June 2007. ghp

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