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General News
Change of NPP will be blessing - CPP 6/19/2007
The Convention People''s Party (CPP) has said a change of government in 2008 would be “a good omen” for majority of Ghanaians who had been suffering from the policies of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Speaking to the GNA, the Chairman of the party, Dr Edmund Delle appealed to the electorate to vote the party to power in 2008 to address the needs of the people.

He said: "It would only be a disaster for nation wreckers, corrupt officials and those who have over the years used state resources for their personal benefit to the disadvantage of Ghanaians to retain power."

Dr. Delle debunked the assertion by the former Speaker of Parliament, Mr Peter Ala Adjetey, that any change of government in Elections 2008 would be a disaster for the nation''s socio-economic development.

He questioned the rationale for Mr Adjetey’s assertion, which, he said, was to create a state of fear and instability in the Ghanaian political terrain and prepare the grounds for perpetuation of electoral fraud in the election.

"Ghanaians yearned for a change in Elections 2000 and we all supported the agitation, fought tooth and nail for the change. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a change in the fortune of a minority who, through the policies of property owing democracy, has accumulated wealth over the period.

"The political life of the nation has gone through another full cycle and Ghanaians again are calling for change. We have lived under the harsh economic conditions of the NPP and National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its time for us to experience real democratic governance under the CPP," Dr Delle stated.

He said the CPP was the party for the masses and not the party that regards the majority of the people as an electoral tool to be used during elections and immediately discarded.

"We would bring the food to all Ghanaians to enjoy whilst property owing democracy means the master has to eat before the rest partake in the leftover," Dr Delle.

Mr Adjetey told NPP faithful to guard against losing power in 2008, saying as a nation and NPP supporters, they must be ready for next year’s elections.


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