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General News
New Cedi Crash-Lands 6/18/2007
An Extraordinary spectacle unfolded at the Kotoka International Airport on Thurday night, when an aircraft carrying the new Ghana Cedi notes tilted backwards, nose up, as the cargo was being offloaded. Personnel of the Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) at the airport rushed to the scene to contain any eventuality from the bizarre situation and to return the aircraft to its normal position for the offloading to resume.

A statement signed by the Corporate Communication Manager of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Eric T. Noi, explained that the incident occurred when the Ground Handling Company staff were offloading cargo from the aircraft.

Although he refused to be specific about the contents of the aircraft, DAILY GUIDE can confirm that the plane had landed with the new Ghana cedi notes.

Continuing, the GCAA official said at approximately 7.50pm on Thursday, 14th June, 2007, the aircraft suddenly shifted to the tail section of the fuselage, resulting in the nose section lifting off the ground. The RFFS workers, he added, used special aircraft recovery equipment in the task which was accomplished at 12.45pm yesterday. At the end of it the aircraft sat in its normal position, devoid of damage and unloading resumed.

The Atlas Air cargo plane had flown in from the Portuguese city of Santa Maria when the incident occurred. Before the incident, earlier described as frightening, was remedied, the company which owned the aircraft ordered a freeze on the rescue operation until its representatives arrived to supervise it.

This was not to be as the Ghanaian experts rectified the anomaly. The salvaging operation saw emergency workers organizing inflated receptacles at the base of the lifted parts to reduce damage to the plane if it was to hit the ground.

D. Guide

The heading is misleading. The plane landed safely but somehow got tilted perhaps due to unequal balance of the weight of the cargo when they started off-loading it. Please stop putting up sensational headlines just to attract the reading public.

Posted by JA, on 06/16/2007 at 15:13
IS a thing theGOVT has done but the party should not take habit of stealing the maney.

Posted by Micky (U.S.A), on 06/16/2007 at 20:18
Indeed, the Governor of Bank of Ghana should be tasked to make a full disclosure of the cost involved in bringing into existence the new Ghana Cedi.Both the Government and the officials should do so to exhibit transparency and escape the slogan of zero tolerance of corruption


Joe IPS Legon

Posted by joe Ips, on 06/17/2007 at 18:00

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