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Don’t Underestimate Mills’ Door-To-Door Strategy 6/11/2007
The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Youth Organizer for Sunyani East Constituency, Bartholomew Inkoom has stated that, the ruling party should not underestimate or mock Professor Mills'' door-to-door campaign strategy. He said the decision of Mills was a bold one which could yield results, adding that Prof. Mills could win the votes of a few Ghanaians who have not found the time to assess the 6 years of President Kufuor''s administration and the economic stability of the country.

Mr. Inkoom noted that about 10% of the electorate have not had the time to assess the economic strides of the country, likewise the good policies, which are likely to be influenced by the door-to-door strategy of the Professor, so there is no reason why the NPP should underrate him, since in elections every single valid vote could make a difference. According to him, the idea of door-to-door campaign by the Professor is good, but his campaign messages show that he is yearning for nothing since he has nothing new for the people other than the same old messages and propaganda.

Mr. Inkoom spoke to The Chronicle in an interview in Sunyani. He however stressed that Prof. Mills'' campaign strategy would not have any positive impact if he does not desist from preaching the same old sermon to the people. According to the NPP Constituency Youth Organizer, Prof. Mills is not a match for any of the 21 aspirants of the NPP come 2008 elections, so it is good for him to start campaigning earlier to close the gap a bit to make the competition a little tight. He went ahead to state emphatically that Prof. Mills could in no way win presidential elections in Ghana, so far as the NPP exists.

Mr. Inkoom cautioned the NPP that, this does not give them the room to relax from working hard to retain power, since elections could sometimes be unpredictable. He said the early beginning of Prof. Mills'' campaign should signal the NPP to close their ranks and remain focused on the party''s campaign strategy with a united force after the flag bearer is chosen to ensure that power is retained in 2008.

On the increasing number of aspirants in the NPP, Mr. Inkoom disclosed that the goodwill of President Kufuor is a contributing factor, because he (President Kufuor) has modernized the presidency by putting in place good policies which need someone who is devoted to God and respects the people of Ghana to complete. He said the level to which President Kufuor and his team have raised Ghana, only needs one of the 21 aspirants who indeed has the fear of God and respect for people to continue.

Mr. Inkoom stated that all the contestants are capable and the national office of the party is ready to support, so the NPP is not frightened by Prof. Mills early campaign strategy. He said the NPP has a campaign strategy to win the elections come 2008 and the goodwill and legacy of President Kufuor will take NPP or any of the 21 aspirants to power. The Youth Organizer of NPP disclosed that there are internal problems in the NPP, particularly at the constituency levels, which need to be resolved immediately before the National Congress to elect the flagbearer. He was hopeful that measures would be put in place to resolve those problems early to avoid any uncertainties in the party.

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