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General News
Change Of Govt Would Be A Disaster - Ala Adjetey 6/11/2007
The Former Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Peter Ala Adjetey on Saturday stated that any change of government in Elections 2008 would be a disaster for the nation''s socio-economic development. "As a nation and New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters, we must guide against losing Elections 2008, we know the calibre of people who would take over the rains of government should NPP loss and it would be catastrophe for these people to form a government in Ghana again," the Former Speaker told NPP constituency executives in Accra.

He therefore encouraged party activist to focus on the general strategy for retaining power instead of focusing on personal gains, "some of you have sacrificed a lot for the party and have every cause to feel disenchanted for not enjoying anything for the past six- and-half years that we have been in government. "But that should not force you to jump out of the boat, should National Democratic Congress (NDC) win power most Ghanaians would walk in perpetual fear...we know them and what they are capable of doing."

Mr. Ala Adjetey was addressing Constituency executives of the party at a capacity training workshop organized by the Greater Accra Regional Secretariat of the party to prepare for Elections 2008. The Workshop seeks to focus on party organization, preparing for elections, structure and administrative authority. Mr. Ala Adjetey who was a former NPP Greater Accra Regional and National Chairman explained that, "we have tasted both - a party in government and out of government for 30 years but the later is distasteful.

"For the past six and half years I must admit things had been different but if we failed to guard the power we now have, we would loss it like it happened to NDC in Elections 2000, we must not allow self-centered spirit, pettiness and jealousy to destroy party unity and cohesion, which we needed to win the next elections." He advised party executives, ministers of states and members of parliament to manage internal conflicts and assist activists who are increasingly becoming disgruntled due to perceptions that they had been neglected.

"Disgruntlement leads to people progressively distancing themselves from party activities and eventually not voting...if it happens we would lose Elections 2008 by default," he stated. Dr. Glover-Quartey former Head of the Civil Service reminded NPP activists that Elections 2008 would be a difficult battle, "to win it we require the support of every member on board for its good to have your father in control of affairs than your enemy." He urged party executives, parliamentarians and the rank and file to recognize that, "NPP is the only party with a family understanding; therefore we must not wash our dirty cloths in public; as we do that to arm our opponents."

Mr. Samuel Crabbe the regional chairman disclosed that Omanye Capital Venture Fund through the J. B. Danquah Employment Resource Center had taken delivery of 40 sets of mobile car washing equipment and ten out of 300 cars to be made available to all constituencies. He urged the constituencies to contact the Resources Centre for details of the agreement to enter for the use of the facility which aimed at equipping party activists with a source of income. He said the region through the J. B. Danquah Resource Centre have created enough employment for all party members in the region who were willing to work, irrespective of their qualification.

Mr Crabbe therefore urged members to contact the secretariat for directions, "those days when we cry for jobs are over in this region." Dr Roger Oppong Koranteng a Senior Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) who was the resource person urged member activists to respect the party''s constitution. He took the participants through the membership structure of the party, rights of a member; duties of a member; resignation, suspension, expulsion and forfeiture of membership procedure. Dr Koranteng also explained appointment of Disciplinary Committees, their Term and Jurisdiction, Structure and Organization at the regional and constituency levels of the party.

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