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General News
Prices of Foodstuffs Slightly Increase 5/31/2007
A survey carried out by the GNA on the prices of commodities in Tamale market has revealed that while prices of goods had increased slightly, there was low patronage by customers. A lot of the market women who spoke to the GNA on Wednesday said although they had reduced their prices considerably as compared to previous years their goods still attracted only a few buyers.

They added that most of them were running out of business because they were selling their goods at a loss.Mrs. Musah Abiba, a petty trader, said if the trend continued she would have no option than to travel to the cities and engage in "kayaye", adding that in this way she could take care of her six children in school.

A bag of beans, which last year sold for 500,000 cedis and 13,000 cedis a bowl (locally called "kuruwa") now sales for 600,000 cedis a bag and 15,000 cedis a bowl.

A 100 kg of grained local rice sales for 520,000 a bag and between 13-15,000 cedis a bowl but was last year selling for 440,000 cedis and 11-12,000 cedis a bowl.

A bag of Soya beans sales for 320,000 cedis a bag and 8,000 cedis a bowl but was selling for 240,000 cedis a bag and 6,000 cedis a bowl. About 450,000 cedis is the price for a bag of "Gari" and 15,000 a bowl but was 350,000 a bag and 13,000 cedis a bowl. However, the price of maize was unchanged this year from last year. A bag remains the same as 180,000 cedis a bag and 5,000 cedis a bowl. A bag of groundnut, which was sold at 600,000 cedis and 15,000 cedis, a bowl had however reduced to 560,000 cedis a bag and 14,000 cedis a bowl.

A bag of millet, which was last year sold for 320,000 cedis and 9,000 cedis a bowl, had also reduced to 220,000 cedis and 6,000 cedis a bowl.
Sorghum had also reduced from 200,000 cedis a bag and 6,000 cedis a bowl last year, to 160,000 a bag and 4,000 cedis this year. A 100 (250kg) averaged tuber of yam goes for 850,000 cedis and 8,500 cedis an averaged tuber but was 800,000 cedis an averaged 100 tuber and 8000 cedis an average tuber last year. The Regional Statistical Research and Information Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) has confirmed this information.

Some of the women expressed worry that prices could reduce lower in some few months which could ran them totally out of business and appealed to the government to take measures to safeguard their businesses.

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