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Only The Gun Will Make Kufuor Listen 5/31/2007
Kofi Wayo Spits Fire
Kofi Wayo, the founder of the yet to be outdoored United Renaissance Party (URP), has directed his wrath at President Kufuor and his henchmen describing them as incompetent gang of criminals whose behaviour is inviting a civil war in Ghana. He said that if Kufuor and his ministers will not listen to wisdom, the gun will have to be used to put some common sense into their dirty minds.

The NPP government has set the stage for a civil war, he said, adding that if that happened, the NPP will be the major victims of the bloodbath. Mr. Kofi Wayo on whose back the NPP rode to the castle in 2000 was talking on a Konongo-based radio station, Kings Radio. He was commenting on the controversies surrounding the issue of ROPAA and its implementation. The man who owns one of the largest ammunition producing companies in America could not understand why the NPP government is leading the nation into abyss.

“Almost everything in Ghana appears to be hopeless yet the government’s topmost priority is to spend huge sums of money on an irrelevant exercise like diasporan voting. They are not satisfied with enjoying themselves in flashy cars and luxurious lifestyles while the ordinary people are dying,” he declared.“The government claims there is no money to solve the numerous domestic problems – prices of goods are escalating day in day out – no light, no water, no jobs for the youth; companies are folding up because of the government’s insensitivity, yet Kufuor is forcing the Electoral Commission to send huge monies on making Ghanaians abroad to vote – Is he mad? His seven years have been a total waste, Kofi Wayo stated.

He questioned the seriousness of the government and called on the Kufuor clique to learn how to formulate good policies for the well being of Ghanaians. Making a reference to war-torn countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, he said if the NPP government is leading the nation to war, then it would know that the people are ever prepared to face up to them.

He noted that one of the major problems of the African is his inability to face up the fact – this he says, accounts for why bad leaders like Kufuor continue to dupe and suppress the people. “Beware of such leaders with black mentality who never care even when their people are suffering to death,” he counseled his listeners.

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