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Tinny explains “Kaa Bu Ame” album 5/25/2007
Tinny hasn’t dropped the latest album yet, but he exclusively breaks down his next album here and tells us what''s up with the title, “Kaa Bu Ame”.

But first, he shares the scoop on a couple of other situations.

Not many are aware that Tinny’s soft heart is the background for his having created such great albums with good song titles.

We could all recollect songs like ‘Dzormo’ and ‘Heko Ejorko (I Believe I Can Fly)’, how he well laid the verses with his deep thinking Ga.

“Artiste should create concern for other human beings around them especially their fans”, Tinny said.

These questions that arose in Tinny’s mind resulted in the outcome of the song ''Kaa Bu Ame''.

“If you are doing something you have faith in, just do it. Don’t let what others say kill or diminish your spirit from attaining your set goal”, he added.

The story of Tinny is the story of a Haatso native who avoided the ‘hustling’ way most artistes of today go thru before reaching stardom.

"When I was in primary school, my dad saw that I wanted to rap. So my dad gave me money to book studios for my music".

Tinny explains further that "if it wasn’t for my father (parents) who motivated me, I wouldn’t be where I am today”.

Tinny, obsessed with the whole project says he has a variety of songs on the album, all genres of music can be found on the album.

“When you are a ‘Kankpe’ member, there is no room for weakness. You need to be strong and come out with good lyrics. Artistes at ‘Kankpe’ Records don’t write filthy lyrics”, he said.

Now the album is ready to the stores, Tinny has a renewed sense of focus with definite goals regarding to what he wants to do with rap, and for rap.

Using his talent to motivate and advice is definitely something to be admired on the ''Kaa Bu Ame'' album! Big up Aletse Kankpe.

Tinny''s management team are Richard Agyeman and Prince.

Source: ghanamusic

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