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Nobody Can Divert Attention From The Energy And Water Crisis - Kwaku Baako 5/15/2007
Samuel Kwaku Baako Jnr, who in recent times is trying to shake off some of the NPP dust off his skin, has once again made a telling statement about the party he apparently would prefer to rule Ghana forever.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokroko Programme yesterday morning, the man who has come to be known as the Leader of the coffee shop mafia, said in very clear words that there is nothing that can be done by anybody to divert attention from the suffocating energy and water crisis.

Kwaku Baako was reacting to a story published in the Crystal Clear Lens to the effect that all the noisemaking by a section of the pro NPP media about former President Rawlings having made certain statements in the Hague was an attempt by Francis Poku and his media acolytes to divert attention away from the general malaise the NPP has saddled Ghana with.

According to Kwaku Baako, nothing can take the minds of the people away from the energy crisis, the water crisis, the upping of the price of petroleum products and all the other killing nooses that the NPP is tying around the necks of Ghanaians because the people are seeing it and feeling it and no amount of propaganda can wish the crisis away.

“The reality of the crisis is there and manifest for all to see and nobody can divert attention from it” Kwaku Baako said.

This is not the first time in recent times that Kwaku Baako has, so to speak, allowed a lot more air to blow through his thinking process. Just a few weeks ago on Joy FM’s Newsfile Programme, he made it abundantly clear that the energy crisis had the potential to cripple the NPP government that he loudly supports, and that, the Energy Minister, Kofi Addah, had to be looked at through a second pair of lenses if the NPP wanted to stay in power.

In the said submission on Joy FM, Kwaku Baako said without equivocation that “I have said it several times that I am prepared to live under a Mills presidency” to drum home his point that the NPP was walking on a very tight rope and that Prof Mills and the NDC seem to have every opportunity to sway the electorate to their side.


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