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General News
Energy Crisis Killing Ghanaians 4/24/2007
Energy Crisis Not Only Killing Industries, But Now Killing Ghanaians
CT Scan Machines In Hospitals Destroyed Because Of Unstable Power
The killing energy crisis that President Kufuor, his spin doctors, and media collaborators have decided to toy around with, has moved from killing industries and is now killing Ghanaians on an imaginable scale.

Information gathered by The Ghanaian Lens has it that CT Scan machines in all the country’s major hospitals have broken down because of the incessant power fluctuation as a result of the crisis that has hit the energy sector.

According to Ghanaian Lens sources in one of the major hospital, Korlebu, SSNIT Hospital, 37 Military Hospital and the savvy Medlab, have all had their CT Scan machines destroyed in the past weeks because of the unstable and power supply.

The on-off situation, and especially because the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is not sticking to its own advertised power rationing schedule, is the reason for the destruction of the CT Scan machines.

The Ghanaian Lens source paints a sordid picture of how patients fruitlessly continue to be moved from one hospital to another in search of a working CT scanner, and how preventable illnesses and deaths are becoming the order of the day.

“What is happening is worse than we can imagine and if the government does not find a quick solution to this energy crisis, by the time they finish with their nuclear energy ideas, there would be no more Ghanaians left to benefit from it” the source said.

The Computerised Tomography (CT) Scanner is an advanced form of the X-ray machine used to produce pictures of the inside of the body.

Unlike the ordinary X-ray, which is developed on film, a CT scan creates images of “slices” of the body on a computer screen.

The images so produced on the computer screen, are much more detailed and can be viewed in three dimensions – providing detailed information at a-go making it possible for doctors to do a much faster prognosis and thereby take quicker remedial measures.


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