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General News
Rawlings in the Hague 4/16/2007
Serengeti Restaurant - JJ in the Hague and not vague
Ex President Jerry John Rawlings (JJ) was invited to give a speech at the Africa Day celebration organised by 2007 AFRIKADAG (www.afrikadag.nl). He met up with some locals from the Hague and Amsterdam and dined at restaurant Serengeti (an african Restaurant in the Hague).

After enjoying some banku and okro soup which went down a treat, he asked for some more but the locals were several steps ahead of him and it had all gone. The variety of sumptuous food was devoured by all, real African cuisine away from "home". Served in buffet fashion, the taste of Ghana was heartily enjoyed by a full restaurant. Service was excellent with every need catered for except JJ''s seconds for banku and okro soup as that disappeared in blink of an eye.

After eating he gave a sort but passionate exhortation for Ghanaians to support the democracy process back in the motherland, not on tribal grounds but to support a government for the people, with emphasis on the local common person.

He also exhorted the NDC (the opposition party to which he is founder) if they could not stand the heat to get out of the kitchen and let others do the work of building a better Ghana. His emphasis was on being better opposition to the current government and laying the groundwork work to stand up and be counted for the elections in 2008.

Fair dues to the man, from what I heard, having spent 13 years in he west coast of Africa, he still is the man of people for the people trying to build a better Ghana with his every breath. Keeping his house clean and lifting up the carpets and checking under the beds to expose any speck of dirt.

He further exhorted that leaders were only figure heads, presidents, heads of parties, executives etc must reflect the the view of the people they represent, if they are wrong they should be told so and should take it in good faith and correct point of view and actions being promulgated. He encouraged everyone who was aware of any misdoing either now or in the future to contact his office or the relevant parties, for it to be addressed and corrected.

Earlier whilst eating he exhorted on the role of women in the building of the nation. He said they were the key to a better Ghana and for that matter Africa. They are very back bone. From his experience one women does the work of ten men! The zeal, get up and go and work ethic of the African women is exemplary and needs to be encouraged and emulated by the men.

The understanding was this would help put Ghana and Africa on a faster track to overall development and economic stability.

A key organiser Gifty celebrated her 50th birthday and JJ assisted in her celebrations by cutting the cake with her.

He was accompanied by Dr Tony Aidoo, who announced the opening of a new chapter of the NDC in the Hague

Disclaimer: The author is not a NPP nor a NDC member and has no political affiliations in Ghana save that he is part of the make poverty history campaign and was in the right place at the time to make a photographic record of the events.


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