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Ghana’s Most Beautiful… contest so far 4/3/2007

“The theme for this concept is re-defining beauty to promote national unity. The theme intends to create avenues that will strengthen the foundations of unity desired through our cultures and traditions with a woman as a strong symbol of carrying the message across.”
That is a quote from the creators of the reality show ‘GHANA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL’, and the contestants have displayed to viewers the best of what their regions have to offer. For once in the history of Ghana, we have a pageant that, for me, has been almost near the real total, and is providing great entertainment to millions of people. That is what a pageant should be. And most importantly, Ghana’s Most Beautiful is the first pageant in Ghana that has:

The most congenial and funniest: Naa, the Greater Accra rep, is a character that makes the audience laugh and because of this she is able to get away with not so perfect performances.

The most caring: Nana, the Eastern Regional rep is obviously the most caring and motherly person in the house. Just see how she comforted Heeba when she was evicted and just one look at her smile is comforting. Nana also has a way of depicting various tribes in her region in a very admirable manner.

The prettiest: Ama from the Central Region. She is certainly the prettiest girl in the house and perhaps her benign personality has certainly kept her in the competition so far, not forgetting some of her comic performances. I suspect strongly that most of the male viewers are in love with her beauty and show of indifference. It is quiet easy to forgive her for her lapse in not been so fluent with the English language and her average wit. Whoever said that physical appearance doesn’t count in this life? Ask Ama why she has been getting the largest percentage of votes.

Most eloquent: Adwoa, the proud girl from the Ashanti Region certainly is the epitome of an Ashanti orator. I love this girl’s smile and her excellent use of both Twi and the English. Though sometimes Adwoa talks too much, her confidence level draws a lot of admiration and perhaps her ability to use proverbs and dance so well has been her saving grace.

Most intelligent: Heeba certainly should have stayed in the house; for among all the contestants, it is she who really takes us to the classroom for a detailed lesson in culture and tradition. Not only was she able to hold her audiences spellbound with her acts but her ability to explain topics from polygamy to female genital mutilation, have really reminded viewers of what Ghana’s Most Beautiful is all about. Why didn’t the judges have a certain percentage of voting power? Because I believe strongly that Heeba would have stayed in the house. She is exactly what the pageant needed.

Most rounded: Esinu certainly is near perfection; she is the all-round girl in the competition. Despite the fact that she is not a comic, she has a way of taking the performances to a higher level; right from swallowing raw eggs to shaving her hair. Her fluency and good grasp of the English Language and Ewe certainly is a plus. Perhaps, the display of intelligence and that constant mysterious smile, intense passion and pleasant demeanor has made her popular enough to stay in this competition. I surely want to see this girl win the competition.

By Seyram ABEY


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