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General News
“I won’t Hesitate To Re-instate Anane” 3/16/2007
The Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani has stated that he would reinstate Dr. Richard Anane as a Minister of State without delay if he was the President of the country. The former Minister of Road Transport was on Tuesday cleared by an Accra Fast Track High Court on all the recommendations made against him by the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, CHRAJ.

The trail judge, Justice Baffoe Bonney ruled that CHRAJ had no mandate to investigate Dr. Anane when a formal complaint had not been made on the allegations and hence declared the entire CHRAJ investigation process null and void. The ruling has generated speculations that the former minister, who resigned his post to fight the case in court, could be re-instated.

And Chief of Staff Kwadwo Mpiani who was speaking on an Accra-based radio station, said he would have re-instated Anane if he was the President because he was hard working. ‘Well the question of reinstating him can only be done by the president but if I were the president I would immediately reinstate him, he is a very hard worker but that is the decision of the President.”

Mr Mpiani said he wished the court had dealt with the substantive matter of the allegations against Anane to get to the bottom of the matter, however even from his lay appreciation of the law, he could tell CHRAJ was wrong in arriving at the conclusions it did. Dr. Anane was found guilty of conflict of interest and abuse of office by CHRAJ in his relationship with his American mistress, Alexandra O''Brien.

Ghanaians are petty
The Chief of Staff said Ghanaians are petty in spending and even though people are eager to see the country marketed on internationally such as on the CNN, BBC and other networks, they will not allow the government to spend huge monies on these commercials. He said often Ghana is compared to Malaysia and conclusions are drawn of how they are advertising themselves on the international media but the government is unable to follow suit due to the backlash they get from the public when they have to spend big on such initiatives.

Mr. Mpiani said what is even surprising is that the backlash comes from people who are supposed to know better. The Chief of Staff said all projects earmarked to be constructed as part of the Jubilee celebrations are on course. He said the Ghana@50 Secretariat is paying for the designs on Jubilee Schools and other monuments whilst the appropriate ministries and district assemblies will pay for their construction.

He said the secretariat recognizes that the euphoria about the celebrations is dying down and they will do what they can to sustain it.

source: Jfm

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