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Save Ghana Now - GNP 3/16/2007
A call for Participation - from the Executive Chairman of the GNP In a recent letter after the March 6, 2007 Ghana@50 celebrations, sent to the members and some pending members and supporters of the Ghana National Party, the Executive co-founder /Chairman, Mr. Ofori Ampofo touched on some issues that we need to share with the rest of the members in the Diaspora. The message is positive and of hope to those who may not even be ready to return to Ghana but willing to help their constituencies through one of GNPs local empowerment action programs. Here is full text of the letter:

Dear members and friends,

As you may know by now, the Ghana National Party has been issued with the final certificate as a Political Party on 20th February 2007. We came up with the decision to form the Ghana National party to give Ghanaians, a new breed of politicians, who are determined to give Ghana; a new political direction for fast growth and development.

Changing the old political order we know is not going to be easy, but with determination of purpose, it is possible to win and give hope, good and real transparent Government to our people. The farmer who create the wealth of our country do not make anything close to Twenty Million Cedis a whole year; but the nation spends on ministers and top government officials, over 80 million Cedis a month on salary and privileges.

My friends, we must go in and change this colonial mind set where politicians see politics as a gold mine. The wealth of the nation must be fairly distributed to all people from the President to the laborer within the resources of the country and stop the reckless borrowing to supplement budgetary allocations.

We have a choice between contributing to salvage our country or we sit back and remain unconcerned while a few greedy politicians keep plunging our people into economic enslavement. There is a very high opportunity for us to make history, by changing the status quo, or we remain content with where we are where our people have to walk miles even in ACCRA to get WELL water. A basic necessity of life.

I am in Ghana, and can tell you that our country is being auctioned to people without the slightest consideration for future generations. We can change this situation only through political power. The channel for political power has been laid with the birth of the Ghana National Party, to contest the 2008 parliamentary and presidential elections. The chance to wrestle political power and make Ghana a better managed country is very high because, Ghanaians are seriously disillusioned and highly angered by the many years of political deceit. The yearning desire of the people now is a completely new political party for 2008, and if we can all help move the Ghana National Party, we can make Ghana a home we can all be proud to return and never to look back.

We need the financial assistance from all our friends and well wishers to deliver our message of hope to the people. This cannot be done by only a few people. Few have done it so far, and have given all Ghanaians a new, sincere selfless platform for change that we can all be proud to part of. Please donate now to the Ghana National Party Head quarters in Accra by any available money transfer desk, money gram or western union etc. and contact Mr. Jackson Owusu on Tel 233-21-411973 or 233-244-774483 with your transfer control number. We will acknowledge your support on the party cash in flow and disbursement spread sheet which can be made available to contributors per a special assess code.

OUR COUNTRY HAS DONE ENOUGH FOR US, AND THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO DO WHAT WE CAN FOR OUR COUNTRY. This is a country call; some countries have out of selflessness done it so we can also do it. Thank you and God bless you all. Ofori Ampofo (co- founder)

__________________ Folks, We all know the problems of Ghana: The high taxes and duties and extortion at the ports, the selling of Ghana’s assets to others through surrogates of the government officials, the lack of delivery of basic services even when people are willing to pay for them, despite massive loans that are not accounted for, the stinky open gutters breeding mosquitoes, abuse of public office and misused of public funds, and the poor and dying who have no opportunities, and the consequent crimes that have cropped up doe to the lack of jobs and government’s inability to prosecute crimes and eliminate the cocaine traffickers. The old politicians will keep on going on the same old path. We can talk and even criticize and comments all we want about issues in Ghana, but nothing is going to change until we get involved. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the change effort going in Ghana right now started by the Ghana National Party. You can choose your village or town and sponsor developmental programs for them, and we will get you in touch with your representatives to manage under GNP’s remote micro-management system that we have developed to keep our people on track.


Dr. Kwaku A. Danso, Executive Co-Founder.

Email: Kwaku.Danso@natlparty.com

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso, Executive Co-Founder.

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