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General News
President Kufuor Ambushed in London 3/16/2007
”AFRICAN leaders are embarrassed by the situation in Zimbabwe and perhaps could do more to help, but have met stiff resistance from Harare” but as The African Union we will do all we can to restore the rule of Law in Zimbabwe”

In what they are calling, Africa Liberate Zimbabwe Campaign the Radical Militant pressure group Free-Zim Youth ambushed President Kufuor as he gave a speech in London Chatham House, marking Ghana’s 50 years of independence.

Accused of African leaders of Betraying Black Zimbabweans

In just 5 minutes into his speech Kufuor praised the AU’s role in uniting Africans Wellington Chibanguza 24 stood up with hand-cuffs in his hands lifted up(symbolising the oppressed and repressed people of Zimbabwe by the Mugabe regime) and challenged his statement “African Leaders have betrayed the aspirations of Black Africans, by perpetuating, The ZANU PF Regime that is using revamped pre-colonial legislature (POSA, AIPPA & Organisations Act) to oppress its own people , on the face of writing historic wrongs, Now Cde you are travelling around the World adopting neo-liberal policies and reforms, enjoying at an elite level while ordinary peasants are suffering”

“You have betrayed the dreams and vision of Dr Kwameh Krumah that Ghana’s independence is meaningless unless Africa is totally liberated”

Security forces were called to drag Chibanguza out of the event, and the chair of the breakfast apologised by saying” lets all wait for question and time” cracking a joke to the whole audience to laugh. This did not go down well with Free-Zim Youth, 5 minutes back into his speech another campaigner, Alois Mbawara walked in front of the whole audience and fanged a newspaper which had a picture of the abused Opposition leader in front of Kufuor “You are laughing (Murikuseka) this is the betrayal we are talking about Zimbabwe is a burning issue, but AU is failing to openly condemn the ruthless regime of Mugabe”

“We young Africans feel AU has been hijacked by fake-left tyrannies who talk left but walk right, Mugabe claims he is a revolutionary, but he is the one who bought all those neo-liberal policies to Zimbabwe, AU should expel Zanu PF from the bloc since it has betrayed the revolution”

“Same with SADC which is failing to exercise authority on a member state which violated all democratic protocol and principles, shame on you our leaders”

Mbawara was also dragged out by the security forces as he shouted Power to the People. At this time all the audience were now applauding in solidarity with the young campaigners.

The dramatic event continued after 5 minutes again back into Kufuor’s speech when another 3rd campaigner Marceline Mutikori (26 )stood up to challenge “Women and Children are dying in Zimbabwe due to a member state that has violated the rule of law, why is AU not expelling or suspend Zimbabwe from the Organization”

Mutikori was also kicked out by the security forces. By this time the whole audience was waiting for President Kufuor to respond when another militant member Bridgette Maphosa (23 )stood up to challenge “Cde President it is now time African leaders practice what they preach, that is why we young Africans are saying to end poverty, it starts from good governance”

“We should not wait and watch the dreams of father Nkrumah betrayed, solidarity with ordinary black Zimbabweans in the hands of the oppressor”

The dramatic event took the whole scene and made the Head of state openly condemn the Mugabe regime saying”AFRICAN leaders are embarrassed by the situation in Zimbabwe and perhaps could do more to help, but have met stiff resistance from Harare” but as The African Union we will do all we can to restore the rule of Law in Zimbabwe”

Openly condemning the brutal attacks of progressive leaders in Zimbabwe.

Background statement

Brilliant Pongo of Free-Zim Youth said “Direct confrontation is the only language our African leaders can adhere to, we will keep on putting pressure until they push for an African driven resolution”

Gugulethu sibanda of Free-Zim Youth said “The Zimbabwean problem is an African problem that needs an African solution and the current African Union is just a playhouse for the dictators, because they fail to enforce the protocols and principals all members are mandated to”.

Free-Zim Youth group statement:

Same applies with the ANC Government, why we are holding it accountable for the suffering of black Zimbabweans. We are not saying ANC should send troops but they have been on the record of legitimizing the Zanu PF regime, trying to push for some form of stability we say no.

And we have declared that all fake African leaders should be probed by the “Africa Liberate Zimbabwe Campaign” which was ideologically built to question one’s African credentials, we comradely thank you!!

Power to the People

For more information please contact

Wellington Chibanguza 07706868955

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