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Dutch News
Dutch workplace is more pleasant 3/16/2007
AMSTERDAM – Almost all Dutch employees – an astonishing 97 percent – are happy to go to work. That is not the case in Belgium and France, only 61 percent of Belgians go to work with pleasure and some 71 percent of French.

The Dutch are also more likely to say that their colleagues are loyal to each other and there is less bullying and discrimination in the Dutch workplace than elsewhere.

This emerged from a comparative study among the three countries published by ZebraZone. Some 2,060 Dutch workers were involved in the survey, which was conducted at the end of 2006.

Almost eight in ten workers in the Netherlands works on a team in which everyone participates, no one is dominant and leadership is respected. In France this is the case for 69.7 percent of workers, and for 50 percent of workers in Belgium.

Of the Dutch respondents, 1.5 percent said they had been the victim of bullying at work at some point in the past year; this figure was more than 10 percent in both Belgium and France.

Only 2.1 percent of Dutch workers said they had been the victim of discrimination, compared to 8.8 percent in Belgium and 5.4 percent in France.

Incidence of sexual harassment was about the same in all three countries: 1.3 percent of women said they had been a victim, and 0.5 percent of men.

Approximately the same percentage of workers in the Netherlands and Belgium said they had been confronted with violent behaviour (3.3 percent), while this figure was somewhat lower in France (2.1 percent).

It emerged that bullying, discrimination and violent behaviour comes mainly from other colleagues. A superior was the guilty party in just 28.8 percent of cases of bullying, 16.8 percent of discrimination cases, and 8.3 percent of cases of violent behaviour.

The guilty party is less predictable only when it comes to sexual harassment. A superior or a single colleague was the culprit in 36.4 percent of cases. A group of colleagues was the culprit in more than 25 percent of cases of sexual harassment.

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