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Uniting Through Music 3/13/2007
THE Aburukusu Orchestra and Chorus have consistently been helping to re-unite Ghanaians through their philosophically and enchantingly newly composed songs since the turn of the century.

This Orchestra has not only insisted in either reconciling or uniting people of all calibre through the use of appropriate music, but it intends to unite peoples and nations through peaceful co-existence.

Ghana at 50 years of Independence should not entertain rivalry, destruction of each other, violence, and the acts of hatredness. Our Golden Jubilee Celebration must be marked and enjoyed by the use of music that will bring individuals and the nation together.

It is in this guise that President Kufuor and ex-president Rawlings need to unite to set appropriate example for the twenty million Ghanaians and guests to follow. Using music as a bait for all of us to unite for the prosperity of Ghana, Aburukusu Orchestra has emotional and convincing songs such as the 1) National – Reconciliation, which aims to reconcile people in their day-to-day socio-political – economic endeavours.

With such songs as Ghana Nkabomu, Ghana Monsore, Patrotism, Oman Nkoso Pa; Ghana is bound to jump back unto its feet to vehemently unite and enjoy each others company at any given time. But, why would Ghana intentionally use Western music such as "Baa Baa Black Sheep" to promote and try to educate Ghanaians in understanding the values of our yet to change "New Cedi Currencies" that are due in July 2007?

Is there any good culturally defined reason why the Ghana at 50 secretariat cannot use our traditional or highlife music with appropriate text such as – ‘Ghana Marching On Again,’ ‘Afe O, Afe O,’ or ‘What A Celebration’ to usher in the Golden Jubilee Celebration as well as using some of the above songs to enjoy the changing of the new cedis? Fortunately, the Aburukusu Orchestra and Chorus has recorded some of the above patriotic songs with the GTV which are yet to be televised for the nation to appreciate our struggles for Independence and some minor achievements the country has made as a whole.

The Aburukusu Orchestra is planning to organise a special musical concert where most of the above patriotic songs could be enjoyed by various audiences, as the performed by Aburukusu Orchestra and chorus recently at the University of Ghana, Music Department where the staff and students of the School of the Performing Art were really treated to well-seasoned patriotic and reconciliatory songs. Ghana needs to stand on its feet to recognise its failures and its minor achievements when we talk about our 50th Anniversary Celebration.


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