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General News
Committee for Joint Action appeals 3/2/2007
The pressure group, Committee for Joint Action (CJA), is going to court today to seek an injunction against the police. This comes after police sought a court order banning the group from undertaking a protest march on Ghana’s upcoming Independence Day. The group says the march is its way of dissenting against the Accra government’s failure to provide basic amenities to Ghanaian citizens.

CJA member Bernard Morna says the group is not content with the way police are treating them.

“We are totally surprised and shocked with the decision of the police to go to court. You do recall that we had submitted to the police a notification of intent that we are going to have a protest march…but the police have thrown out the confidence we repose in them,” he said.

Morna explains why the CJA is taking legal action.

“We are going to court today to seek to set aside the police prohibition order that the court has granted them. And we are going to put before the judge the merit of our going on a procession. And indeed as I speak to you, the Rastafarian community of Ghana have come out with a song that they intend to sing with us along the street as we celebrate in our joyous mood,” he said.

Morna said he is optimistic the judge will grant their request.

“We are sure and confident that our lawyers will be able to overcome this particular hurdle to allow the citizen participation in our sixth of March protest march. So today we should have the opportunity to celebrate it joyously,” Morna said.

He noted that if need be, the CJA is determined to take its case to the highest court of the land for redress.

“We are confident we will win and we are willing to appeal up to the Supreme Court. As I speak to you, there was a ruling at the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court’s decision was that citizens can go on a demonstration. They can go on a public event without notifying the police to ensure that citizens have access to freedom as enshrined in the constitution,” he said.


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