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Ghanaians urged to cultivate deeper spirit of nationalism, patriotism 2/26/2007
Winneba (C/R), Feb. 24, GNA - Ghanaians have been urged to cultivate a deeper spirit of nationalism, patriotism and commitment with which Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Dr J B Danquah and others used to salvage the nation from the shackles of colonialism.

"Without these sterling qualities we cannot build the nation holistically as the founding fathers of the nation had planned". Dr Kumi Ansah-Koi, a Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, Legon, was speaking at a public lecture organised by the Awutu-Effutu-Senya District Assembly as part of the activities lined up for Ghana''s 50th independence anniversary celebration at Winneba on Friday.

His topic was "The Political History of Ghana". Dr Ansah-Koi described Dr Nkrumah and Dr Danquah as great and true sons of Ghana, who when it came to the point of applying their knowledge and skills to salvage the nation from the bondage of colonialism did not mince words in doing so.

He said in order to achieve this objective, Nkrumah and Danquah developed a deeper and greater sense of nationalism, patriotism, dedication and above all, an immeasurable amount of commitment, which successfully propelled the then Gold Coast to achieve its independence in 1957.

Dr Ansah-Koi said the fact that Dr Nkrumah wanted immediate transformation of the Gold Coast Colony and Danquah on the other hand suggested that self-government be given at a later time did not mean that these great sons were enemies, adding that a critical examination of the ideas and thinking of the two clearly demonstrated that they were aimed at one important thing - independence for the people of Ghana. He advised Ghanaians who still perceived that Nkrumah and Danquah were enemies as far as the struggle for and the subsequent attainment of the ultimate goal, to discard such notion.

Dr Ansah-Koi, who is also a visiting lecturer to the University of Education, Winneba, further explained that even though the two men held slightly deferent views as to the actual time the former Gold Coast Colony should be given self-government by the colonial masters, their individual perceptions towards this goal were almost the same. That was why they used their accumulated academic knowledge and skills they could have utilised to amass personal wealth in European countries in those days to lead their people to fight to win independence for the nation.

Dr Ansah-Koi charged Ghanaians to reflect soberly on what the nation had achieved so far after years of self-governance and make amends individually and collectively in all segments of our national life to enable the country to correct the imbalances that had for many years impeded the socio-economic, political and cultural advancement of the nation.

In his view, he celebration of Ghana''s 50th independence anniversary must not just be based on the playing of brass band music, marching and dancing through principal streets of district and regional capitals by school children and members of the various voluntary organisations.

Dr Ansah-Koi said this was the time Ghanaians must seriously reflect on their past contributions to national goals and change their attitudes and perception to pave the way for a better future for the nation.

"We can chart a new and progressive course for the country''s future, if only the citizenry are prepared to cultivate the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and commitment, which constitute the master key for effective and efficient nation building", Dr. Ansah-Koi further stated.

He told his teeming audience that the size of Ghana is just like that of the United Kingdom which colonised the Gold Coast, and even possessed more natural resources which could be harnessed for speedy socio-economic development within the past 50 years of self-governance but the country was still wallowing in abject poverty, diseases and squalor.

Dr Ansah-Koi said that the fact that the nation was not engulfed in civil war did not imply that everything was rosy for the people, stressing that good governance simply meant to do the right thing for one''s nation, organisation or association to move forward successfully in all aspects of its administration. He said that one of the major setbacks of our ancestors was the lack of knowledge.

Dr. Ansah-Koi expressed regret that when the colonial masters requested our ancestors to acquire knowledge through education to support their future development as a nation, they woefully rejected the idea, saying that this idea of backwardness still persisted in the Ghanaian society.

He disclosed that presently, "we have people in the country who wants to secure high university degrees without working for such enviable academic status".

Such people normally give flimsy and unpardonable excuses for their inability to study hard to qualify for such important papers and called for a change saying, without requisite academic, scientific and technical knowledge efforts to transform the country socially, economically and politically would be a mirage. 24 Feb.07Source:

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