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NPP Are Terrorists ... -Monah 2/22/2007
...Bernard Monah Likens Party To Osama Bin Laden
It is now clear, The Heritage can reveal, that the reason behind members of the Committee for Joint Action’s boycott of the celebration of Ghana’s 50th anniversary is that the pressure group considers the government as nothing more than a terrorist group. Bernard Monah, a member of the CJA, in an interview with this newspaper yesterday, described the New Patriotic Party as a band of terrorists whom his committee would not want to associate with in such an important celebration as Ghana’s Jubilee.

He stressed that the CJA would not be party to any celebration by a terrorist group. The CJA spokesman, who is also the national youth organizer of the People’s National Convention, took a journey down memory lane to the 1960’s when a bomb assassination attempt was made on the first President of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, at Kulungugu in the Upper West region by the Danquah/Busia tradition.

“My definition of terrorists is any group of people that are allowed to visit mayhem either on an individual or a nation and to the extent that the Danquah/Busia tradition, indeed, were known to have planted a bomb in a bouquet for a nine-year old girl to be given to President Nkrumah so that he could die, for me was an act of terrorism,” he explained.

He continued that the Danquah/Busia Tradition went to the extent of planning to bomb the Akosombo Dam to deflate Nkrumah’s popularity because the electricity it generated at that time was creating jobs and industries. This diabolic plot he accused that tradition of attempting to hatch because, as he put it, people had no cause to complain and Nkrumah was having a field day. For this reason, the CJA sees the offspring of that tradition, the NPP, not having the moral right to lead Ghana celebrate Ghana@50.

“In fact for me, one cannot describe them in any better terms than terrorists… if Bin Laden hijacked planes and bombed the World Trade centre and it was called terrorism, and they have also attempted to break down the Akosombo Dam which is the main source of livelihood for the people of Ghana then, how else could one have described them than terrorists?” That was Mr Monah.

He wondered why in the face of all these historical evidence, the blatant attempts of sabotage and atrocities they meted out to Nkrumah and his colleagues, the NPP still proclaim themselves as champions of Ghana’s democracy.

The CJA spokesman continued that when Kwame Nkrumah tabled the ‘motion of destiny’ the United Party boycotted Parliament, then the Legislative Assembly entirely and Busia was on record to have gone to the Queen to plead with her to continue ruling the country, a statement he described as unfair for demanding that she should stay in Ghana to continue what they termed their good works.

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