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Ghana National Party gets certificate on Feb. 20 2/19/2007
Ghana National Party -Final Certificate to be issued On February 20, 2007
Word has been received from the offices of Ghana National Party that the Electoral Commissioner of Ghana has sent a notice that the final certificate of the party will be issued on Tuesday, February 20, 2007.

According to a memo received in the USA offices of the party for general circulation, the Chairman of the party, Mr. K. Ofori Ampofo, said the presentation will be at 10 am and will be followed by a Press Conference.

It will be noted that the Ghana National Party is the new party often described as the “Diaspora party” because the executive founders were mostly overseas at the time in 2006 when announced, from the USA and other Western nations. The strategy of the party has been mainly to focus on the rural areas of the country where statistics indicate seventy percent of the electorate and the poorest of Ghana live. The charismatic and mature sounding Chairman and co-founder of the party, Mr. Ofori Ampofo, a former Manager in New Jersey, USA, and also Manager for International Tobacco in Ghana, has since moved to Ghana. Other executives such as Maat Opoku and Michel Bowman-Amuah will join him from the United States for the conference. Other key founders such as Dr. Kwaku Abiam Danso, author of the new book “Leadership Concepts and the Role of Government in Africa – The Case of Ghana”, will join the group at a later date. The National Chairman, Kobina Amo-Aidoo and regional executives will be present also for the ceremonies.

The issues of leadership effectiveness in meeting the needs of the people of Ghana have been debated and discussed on many Ghanaian forums around the world, and is the major topic of concern to the youth in Ghana, as in many Africa. Among the major issues in Ghana that motivated the formation of a new political party, and that GNP aims to tackle, are the issues of high unemployment, innovative ways of job creation, the brain drain, the excessive taxes at the ports, need for a more effective management in the public sector, poor income and wealth distribution in Ghana, corruption and poor accountability in the public sector, and the often joked-about but most serious unhealthy and unclean atmosphere of open gutters and the resulting mosquito and many deaths. With combined hundreds of years’ worth of experience from the United States, Europe and the West, the founders are confident they can bring and implement solutions to Ghana’s problems and usher in an era of realistic and tangible development at last.

The party has no illusions as to the challenges it faces in taking the leadership away from the traditionally established parties such as the incumbent NPP and the opposition party NDC, and emerging the winner in the 2008 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. They are actively screening potential candidates for character and integrity and hope to field candidates in all or most of the constituencies.

For more information, contact:

Ofori Ampofo, Executive Chairman – Accra, Tel. 233-21-411-973

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso, Co-Founder – USA Email: k.danso@comcast.net Website: www.natlparty.com

Ghana National Party

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