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newCPP Is Bogus and A Fraud -CPP 2/13/2007
Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, fellow Ghanaians, it has been brought to the notice of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) and the United Kingdom and Ireland Regional Branch of the CPP that an individual together with a small number of accomplices have been issuing statements under the name newCPP. After careful investigation we can reveal that the individual behind this fraudulent hoax is one Ben Hayford who also uses the name Ben Atta-Hayford, aided by a small group of friends.

For the avoidance of doubt and in the public interest we wish to confirm and clarify the following:

• Ben Hayford and his friends are not current members of the CPP nor have they been members of the CPP in the past.

• They are based in the United Kingdom but have not made any attempts to join the Branch.

• They are not entitled to use the CPP name in any shape or form.

• They are not linked to any Branch, Constituency, Region or structure or affiliate of the CPP nationally in Ghana or Internationally.

• The name newCPP is neither a registered political party or organization in Ghana or elsewhere.

• They have no say in the affairs of the CPP and cannot make demands on the Leadership or membership of the CPP.

• Their actions are teleguided by opponents of the CPP set on causing mischief within the ranks of the CPP, deceiving the general public and more seriously to financially defraud companies and institutions with links to Ghana.

• Ben Hayford and his accomplices` have been known to use other alias’..

The self-styled newCPP is a baseless and faceless organization and we are thus alerting the general public, media houses , companies and institutions not to entertain them in any capacity or in any quarter nor treat them as a bona-fide organization.

In contrast to the faceless so-called newCPP, The Convention People’s Party (CPP) is a registered party in Ghana with a history dating back to 1949. It is the party of Ghanaian independence and African emancipation. It is a transparent organisation with known offices and structures, governed by a Constitution under Ghanaian law. Its doors are open for all to join and the actions of faceless self-styled organizations will not distract it from playing its role in Ghana’s democracy or seeking to address and champion the needs of ordinary Ghanaians


Long Live Ghana Forward Ever! Backward Never

RNA Akomfrah Chairman for Convention People’s Party (CPP UK & Ireland) cppuk@hotmail.com


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