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General News
newCPP condemn assasination of Journalist 2/12/2007
We in the newCPP would like to condemn in no uncertain terms the senseless murder of Mr. Samuel Kwabena Ennin. This brutal murder could only have been carried out by cowards, sponsored by opponents of freedom and progress. The bullets fired at Mr. Samuel K. Ennin were indeed fired at freedom of speech and press freedom

We would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Ennin, we pray that the whole country stands solidly behind them at this difficult time.

Mr Ennin’s fearless dedication and commitment to his work and country is a testament to the bright future that we all aspire to. His unflinching commitment to freedom of speech for all, amidst the hostile political environment is the light that shines through some of our darkest days. We appeal to those who perpetrate hatred and division to respect the family’s right to privacy and grief at this difficult time by not politicizing this sad loss of a beautiful life.

More importantly we ask the police to leave no stone unturned in their efforts to arrest the cowards who committed this crime. Justice should be swift severe and should be seen to have been done.

What these criminal murderers want is to silence all journalists and all Ghanaians from defending our hard won freedoms. If we bow down in fear they win’ so we should not. We appeal to all journalists not be intimidated or cowed into submission by these cowardly acts. We appeal to all Ghanaians to show support to our journalists in whatever way they see fit. We in the newCPP will always support our journalists whether they support our ideas or not. Cowards and bullies can never silence the voice of the people.

From the courage of our journalists such as Mr. Ennin our country shall discover the true meaning of our creed- freedom and justice. To Mr Ennin we say we will always remember you in our hearts. You were the voice of the people. Once again, to Mr Enni’s family, we say Demirifa Due Demirifa due due due ene amane huno


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